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Create and manage surveys and forms across your organization​

Survey Engine

Capture Employee and Contractor Feedback to Create a Safer, More Engaged Workplace​ with Survey Software

Conducting surveys and gathering feedback provides leadership teams with a perspective into their operations where they otherwise may not have awareness, including successes, concerns, and opportunities for improvement. Benchmark Gensuite survey management software, Survey Engine gives you the ability to create and distribute powerful surveys to your employees and contractors to improve company practices, as well as your efforts towards safety culture. ​

With Survey Engine, all the aspects of a successful survey are made available including multiple types of question-and-answer types, an easy-to-understand interface, and a simple data collection process for analyzing responses.​

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Why Survey Engine for Your Contractor Management Program? ​

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Streamline Employee Surveys:

Create customized surveys in one easy-to-use application, available in multiple languages.​

Create Custom Questionnaires:

Utilize a variety of question-and-answer types to capture the right information you need and allow users to submit responses anonymously.​

Ensure Survey Completion:

Send email reminders to quickly prompt the completion of unfinished surveys.​

Easily View & Analyze Results:

Generate filterable reports and analyze survey results.​

Integrate Seamlessly:

Connect with Contractor Manager and Training Tracker + My LMS for a complete solution to your contractor management and training needs.​

Learn how you can easily send surveys both inside and outside of your organization and analyze responses with survey software.​

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Features & Benefits​

Ensure All Aspects of a Successful Survey Are Available with Survey Management Software​

Simplify Survey Campaign Management​

Leverage an easy-to-use digital survey dashboard, campaign management workflows, and a simplified data collection process for analyzing responses.​

Capture Contractor Qualification Data​

Send surveys to contractors outside of your organization to receive qualification information for each of your sites.​

Conduct Surveys with Ease​

Build customized surveys in one consolidated solution and easily send out to your targeted list of recipients—both inside and outside of your organization.​

Take Your Program to the Next Level with Advanced Tech & AI​

Our Contractor Management solutions seamlessly integrate with these AI and advanced technologies to increase your insights and maximize your impact.
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Connect on the go for functionality and flexibility wherever work is— from the office to the field.

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Tap, type, or speak to our dedicated virtual assistant for simplified support, user access, and an enhanced user experience.​

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Unparalleled real-time collaboration & connectivity at your fingertips to efficiently unify your workforce.​

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Centralize Contractor Database: Manage qualified contractors and assign tasks by firm.​

Improve Safety at Work: Track behavior-based safety observations for injury prevention programs.​

Meet Training Requirements: Record training and integrate with on-site security for badges.​

Monitor Trends: Gain visibility into contractor and employee incident trends with reporting dashboards.​

Navigating New OSHA Reporting Requirements Made Easy with Benchmark Gensuite