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Tailor Your Work Permit Process to Fit Your Company & Team Needs

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Simplify Permit to Work Requests, Reviews, and Tracking to Empower & Protect Your Workforce

A clear work permitting process from initiation to approval is integral to maintaining a safe worksite. Benchmark Gensuite® Permit to Work Software enables site leaders to successfully and efficiently juggle every detail of a work permit— from keeping track of completed permits and permit-related site activities to identifying related hazards, control measures, and equipment.

Oversee any type of job work requiring a permit, including Confined Space, Rooftop Entry, Hot Work, Working at Heights, and more, and ensure safe work conditions across operations. Empower a more proactive workforce with a streamlined, transparent workflow that leverages digitalized signoff processes & recordkeeping, intuitive dashboards, email notifications, and the ability to initiate permit requests for review.

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Why Permit to Work for Your Safety Management Program?

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Streamlined Requests:

Simplify & standardize permit request forms, so your team can easily request a permit for a specific job to be done on-site.

Flexible Documentation:

Generate and print site-specific permit documents with custom fields & prepopulated key work details using Digitized Custom Permit Forms; and customize permit forms based on documentation.

Clear Communication:

Keep your workforce current, informed, and safe with built-in email notifications and impairment risk notifications.

Customizable Workflows:

Enhance productivity with flexible approval workflows configurable on a permit-by-permit basis.

Seamless Platform:

Accomplish more in Permit to Work with expanded uses & capabilities via integrations with other Benchmark Gensuite® digital tools like LOTO and Forms.

Learn how you can efficiently maintain & manage the entire work permit process and ensure worksite safety.

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Features & Benefits

Keep Track of All Work Permit Details and Ensure Safe Worksites Across Your Operations

Manage Permits Effortlessly

Add Site Guidance to communicate site requirements and process-specific information so no detail is missed or overlooked.

Expedite the Work Permit Process

Develop and maintain an inventory of work activities & locations that can be pre-defined to streamline permit creation & approval.

Stay Agile and Informed

Take Permit to Work on the go and in the field with robust mobile capabilities.

Take Your Program to the Next Level with Advanced Tech & AI

Our Permit to Work solution seamlessly integrates with these AI and advanced technologies to increase your visibility and maximize your impact.
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Benchmark Gensuite Mobile

Connect on the go for functionality and flexibility wherever work is— from the office to the field.

Describe-It AI Advisor™

Receive real-time guidance when inputting incident descriptions to improve data quality.

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U Connect

Unparalleled real-time collaboration & connectivity at your fingertips to efficiently unify your workforce.

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Streamline Worksite Safety: Manage documentation & approval processes easily & efficiently.

Improve Workplace Health & Safety: Mitigate risks from the start with continuous monitoring.

Customize Site Workflows: Modify permits as needed by job and site needs fast.

Maintain Visibility: Keep your team informed with email notifications & intuitive dashboards.