Personalized Assistance and Data-Drvien Insights with Generative AI for EHS

We’re dedicated to developing AI tools for practical use, and our Genny AI Assistant delivers. Ask Genny your Benchmark Gensuite-related questions and get instant responses to help you better understand our company, offerings, and so much more!

Let Genny® AI Boost Your Productivity

And Power Your EHS, Sustainability, & Operational Risk Insights

Interactive and generative AI gives you a more efficient day-to-day and powers in-depth insights that help you make better use of your EHS data. 

Increase efficiency with daily tasks by asking AI to initiate or complete your EHS actions and generate summaries or descriptions of long-form data.​
Spend less time searching for answers to your platform questions with instant support and guidance.​
Enhance employee engagement with digital solutions using engaging and interactive AI helpers.​
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Our Artificial Intelligence Solutions​

Describe-It with Genny AI

Assess and improve data quality​​

Empower everyone across the organization to input high-quality and complete incident, concern, and corrective action descriptions with this AI-drive tool to assess and suggest high-quality, complete details.

Significant Incident Communication AI

Reduce repetition, enhance communication

When incidents arise on the job, our Incident Management solutions ensure you are documenting the necessary details and launching critical follow-up actions for safety and compliance. Now, with our Significant Incident Communication (SIC) AI, you can use the details you’ve already entered to generate text for SIC content, including root causes and lessons learned, to save you time synthesizing and duplicating your information into a new message.

Sustainability Reporting AI

Up your sustainability reporting with AI insights

Streamline your sustainability reporting with our innovative Sustainability Summary AI. This intelligent tool analyzes your data, extracting valuable insights and identifying potential trends. It then generates concise summaries, saving you time and effort. Sustainability Summary AI even flags potential anomalies in your data, ensuring the accuracy and completeness of your reporting.

Insights AI​

Generate concise summaries of key action items​

Focus on what matters most with our AI-powered Action Summary Tool. Leverage AI to extract the most crucial details across your site, meticulously prioritizing action items based on status and pinpointing areas demanding immediate attention.

Disclosure Reporting

Effortlessly generate comprehensive disclosures

You’re responding to multiple sustainability and ESG disclosure frameworks, so how can you quickly and accurately utilize prior statements and annual reports to help you form new responses? Disclosure Reporting Summary AI can recommend responses and generate comprehensive disclosure statements based on best practices and operational data analysis.

Document AI

Summarize and preview document content​

Instead of downloading, opening, and scanning documents for the right information, Doc Summary AI does the work for you.  See a quick snapshot of your document, including a high-level overview and key details, before you even open the file.

More ways AI and technology will make a difference for EHS & Sustainability​

Empower EHS Management with AI: Genny AI Tool​
Help Me, Genny AI helps to significantly enhance the Benchmark Gensuite subscriber experience.​
Enhancing Website Visitor Experience with the New Website Genny AI​
Website Genny AI Agent is an AI-powered interactive chatbot designed to elevate the user experience on our website.​
On-Demand Webinar​
AI for EHS + Sustainability Collaboration Forum​
Learn from your EHS and Sustainability peers as we bring you perspectives and best practices that will shape AI innovations.​

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