DXP | Data Integrator Software

Build, Configure, and Integrate Your Data in a Consolidated Platform​

DXP Integrator

Seamlessly Connect, Integrate, and Publish Data From Across Your Organization​

Many organizations operate in silos where cross-functional teams track compliance records, safety data, sustainability metrics, and other business-critical information across their organization manually and in disparate systems. Capturing an accurate view of your organization to make performance improvements for cost reductions, sustainability advances, and risk mitigation, requires a comprehensive look into all your data in one unified platform.​

​Benchmark Gensuite’s data integrator software, DXP, provides a common framework for data system integrations by automating the management of data from a variety of sources, both internal and external to your organization. With a self-service portal for defining and managing data sources and secure access—you can connect, create, and integrate your datasets for the control, transparency, and insights you need to make informed operational decisions.

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Why DXP Data Integrator for Your Advanced Technology and Data Management Program? ​

Combine Data From a Variety of Sources:

Seamlessly integrate, transform, and publish data from a multitude of sources and perform advanced data mining with a built-in reporting engine.

Manage Data:

View all data integrations in one place with a simplified and intuitive management interface.​

Rely on Secure Account Management:

Log in with dedicated, secure user accounts to view integrations and status, manage email communications, and more.​

Access a Self-Service Portal:

Custom-define data set formats according to your data source file.​

Integrate Seamlessly:

Connect with Dashboards & Analytics Tableau reports to monitor a snapshot of your data.​

Learn how you can easily compile investment-grade data for sustainability performance and ESG disclosure reporting with data integrator software. ​

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Features & Benefits

Integrate and Flow Data Into and Out of Benchmark Gensuite with Ease​

Create Data Sets​

Build a new data schema by setting a data set name and description and define each data set to support and match your file format.​

Enable Data Transparency​

Verify the accuracy of your data and easily trace source files for total visibility of your data flows.​

Customize Your Data Integrations​

Leverage built-in APIs for data consumption by external systems and customize your instance with no code or low code options. ​

Streamline Disclosure Reporting and Response Management​

DXP | Data Integrator seamlessly integrates data for consistent disclosure massaging and traceable data for Sustainability and ESG Disclosure Reporting—to help you confidently navigate the complex landscape of reporting and stakeholder engagement. ​
Disclosure Director​

Internal Sustainability & ESG Data Management solution for materiality determinations, responsibility assignments, investment-grade disclosure assurance, and regulatory readiness—helping you prepare for annual reporting and frameworks & standards compliance.​


External Sustainability & ESG Communication solution to streamline request management, create efficient, quality data responses, understand stakeholder needs, and provide analytics and insights—helping you prepare for raters & rankers, customers, and external stakeholders.​

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