Ensure Product Compliance and Simplify Supplier Engagement & Due Diligence

Robust product stewardship and supplier engagement in a single, unified platform

Global product regulations and demands for product and supply chain transparency present significant challenges to organizations. Centralize product stewardship program activities and simplify supplier engagement via a unified platform. Ensure compliance with global product regulations like EU REACH, RoHS, US California Prop 65 and others and drive progress on product sustainability initiatives like recycled content. Engage suppliers via a simple-to-use, award-winning Supplier Portal for sharing of supplier product information and documents to satisfy due diligence needs.

The Benefits of Benchmark’s Stewardship Tools


Ensure product compliance with global regulations – REACH, RoHS, Conflict Minerals

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Engage suppliers for product information, compliance status, and sustainability data


Respond quickly to customer requests for product information

Our Core QMS / QEHS Software Package

Manage your core quality processes efficiently with our streamlined QMS solutions; built with the flexibility to suit your unique program

The Benchmark | Gensuite Core QMS package enables
  • Unified Event Management for flexible internal, external quality reporting, AI-enabled non-conformance follow-up and dynamic reporting​
  • Integrated Corrective and Preventative Action Tracking and Audit & Obligation Task management​
  • Digital Assessment & Inspection program enabling
  • Pre-built Notifications, Insights, and Dashboards to communicate trends & quality alerts​

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Ensure Product Transparency & A Healthy Supply Chain with Our Stewardship Solutions

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Benchmark Tech

Advanced technology, fully integrated, continuously enhanced, and included with every subscription. Leverage Benchmark Tech for Mobile, Analytics, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence (AI), IoT, and more to accelerate and magnify the impact from your deployment of Benchmark Gensuite platform.

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