ESG Reporting & Data Management - Simplified

The Benefits of Our Award-Winning ESG Reporting Software

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Best Practice Enabled

Plug into a library of 800+ ESG KPIs aligned with voluntary and regulatory frameworks

Seamless & Automated

Integrate operational data from multiple systems, craft narrative responses, and centralize for reporting & communication

Intuitive Collaboration​

Enterprise-wide collaboration and KPI tracking across functional teams

Embedded Analytics​

Meaningful insights from multiple perspectives​

Simplify and centralize ESG and sustainability performance data in alignment with global frameworks

Responding to stakeholder demands for ESG information and global frameworks like CDP, GRI, SASB, TCFD, BRSR, and CSRD/ESRS can be challenging for organizations. Benchmark Gensuite’s digital ESG reporting software centralizes and automates ESG data management with streamlined business IT system integration and cross-functional workflow capabilities to simplify tracking of key KPIs, reporting to ESG frameworks, and communicating impact to investors and other stakeholders.

Navigate your CSRD compliance journey with ease

Your response to CSRD is more than a checkbox—it’s a strategic necessity for business operations in and out of the EU.  We offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs, ensuring compliance, managing risk, and safeguarding your hard-earned reputation.

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“ESG considerations enhance our company by reducing investor risk and enhancing value. It creates a greater level of resilience and output so we can outperform our competitors.”

— Herman Baker, Global EHS & Sustainability Director

Comprehensive Digital ESG Disclosure Reporting Solutions

Benchmark Gensuite is a Certified and Accredited Partner and Service Provider of These Global Frameworks and Standard Organization

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