Elevate EHS & Operational Risk Intelligence with AI Advisors

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Uncover and Mitigate Risks Before They Occur with AI-Powered Insights

Transform how you collect and analyze your operational risk and safety data with AI that delivers EHS intelligence.

Embedded into your software, our AI is your copilot to log high-quality data, provide operational insights, and flag potentially serious occurrences. Meet the AI Advisors that help you pinpoint health, safety, and regulatory risks and protect your workforce.

Save time by automatically and digitally monitoring and consolidating large data sets.
Improve data quality by guiding frontline users with more descriptive and valuable data inputs.
Uncover unforseen risks by analyzing large datasets to identify trends.
Save time by automatically and digitally monitoring and consolidating large data sets.
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Our AI Advisors Serve Every Step of EHS & Risk Management

Our AI tools are embedded across our EHS & Risk Management workflows to enhance data collection, program insights, and decision-making at all levels of your organization.

Our Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Describe-It AI Advisor

Assess & Improve Data Quality

Help your workforce provide higher quality data and complete descriptions, every time, in every data-logging form—from incidents and corrective actions to safety concerns for improved communication, accurate reviews, and expedited follow-up.

PSI AI Advisor (SIF/HiPO)

Analysts use computers to analyze and visualize complex data.
Uncover PSI & Fatality Risks

The first AI-powered, platform-integrated solution that automatically identifies a potentially serious incident (PSI), sometimes also referred to as a potentially significant incident or fatality (SIF) or a high potential (HiPO) event, to provide clear, actionable insights for risk reduction—protecting your teams and your company.

Risk AI Advisor

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Trend Risk in Real-Time

Data streams are expanding, and with it the time it takes to accurately gather, analyze, and interpret that data. Record by record, Risk AI Advisor flags potentially serious occurrences and critical risk precursors for expedited risk mitigation—so you have a pulse on your workforce.

Vision AI

AI to Monitor Workplace Safety

Detect potential hazards and near-misses at your worksite with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency. Use facility cameras and network devices to identify safety hazards and quickly take action, preventing injuries and ensuring compliance. 

Ergo Evaluator Powered by AI

Video & Checklist Based Ergo Evaluation

Protect your employees from workplace ergonomic injuries with AI-powered evaluations of real-time or recorded videos, brought to you by our partners at 3motionAI. 


Safety officers pointing hands at the MSDS or material safety data sheet to indicate chemical information, basic antidotes or hazards to the body in area of use for emergency case safety work concept
Identify Emerging Chemical Risks

Identify emerging chemical risks and toxicological impacts of the chemicals used across your operations. ChemAdvisor is an integrated Chemical Management and Material Approval System AI powered by our partners at Praedicat.

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