ChemAdvisor™ Software

AI-Powered Scientific and Toxicological Insights to Increase Employee Health & Safety​

Chem Advisor

Stay Ahead of Emerging Chemical Risks and Toxicological Impacts with Chemical Safety Software for AI-Powered Insights​

Keeping employees, communities, and consumers safe from harmful chemicals involves proactive and ongoing vigilance of the current and future risks they may bring. To understand these risks, organizations are challenged with integrating the timely and extensive research needed to be proactive in their chemical risk management and product stewardship programs.​ ​

Benchmark Gensuite’s chemical safety software solution, ChemAdvisor, enables leaders to quickly review the latest scientific research on chemical risks and toxicological harms to keep their workforce safe and ensure product compliance and due diligence. Powered by the Praedicat ChemMeta® AI, ChemAdvisor significantly reduces the time needed to make more intelligent decisions for chemical safety improvements.​

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Why ChemAdvisor™ for Your Safety Data Analytics? ​

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Improve Chemical Safety:

Stay up-to-date with the latest scientific research on potential chemical harms using AI to quickly comb and analyze biomedical literature. ​

Increase Efficiencies:

Quickly identify, track, and manage emerging chemical risks and toxicological harms across your enterprise.​

Stay Ahead of Risks:

AI-powered insights enable a proactive approach to potential hazards to employees and regulatory compliance of chemicals.​

Make Informed Decisions:

Review and approve new site chemicals with confidence, using the latest research.​

Assure Product Compliance:

Gain a comprehensive view of chemical risks associated with your products to assure compliance with current and potential regulations.​

Discover an AI chemical advisor for an unbiased, systematic way to manage emerging chemical risks.​

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Features & Benefits​

Improve Chemical Safety by Simplifying Risk Assessments with AI​

Streamline Chemical Reviews​

Integrate the latest research directly into your chemical review and approval process to make more intelligent decisions.​

Quickly Identify Chemical Product Risks​

Select specific chemicals for review and enlist the AI to find any potential risks for your review to ensure product safety.​

Easily View Risk Trends​

Data visualizations make it easy to identify data-backed trends over time to help predict and potentially prevent chemical risks to employees and products.​

Take Your Program to the Next Level with Advanced Tech & AI​

Our ChemAdvisor AI tool seamlessly integrates with these Benchmark Gensuite applications to increase your insights and maximize your impact—creating safer products and work environments. ​

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