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Benchmark Gensuite supports organizations large and small—from Fortune 500 to your regional and community businesses—in a variety of industries and sectors. Our over two decades of experience delivering and enhancing digital EHS, Sustainability, Quality, and Operational Risk programs can be seen through our flexible solutions and unified approach to mitigating industry-specific risks.​

Aerospace & Aviation

Foster a culture of safety, ensure regulatory compliance, mitigate risks, and enhance overall operational efficiency in the aerospace industry with solutions for incident management, training, environmental oversight, and more.


Whether an OEM or a supplier, optimize energy efficiency, regulatory compliance, occupational health, ergonomics, supply chain management, and more to ensure safety, sustainability, and operational excellence throughout your manufacturing processes.


Manage complex chemical processes, and ensure the safety of employees, communities, and the environment as part of the chemicals industry. Use EHS software to adhere to compliance regulations, consolidate chemical documents, standardize processes, mitigate risks, and instill community trust.

College & Education

Empower staff in the education industry to create a safe, positive, and efficient workplace for the well-being of educators, students, and the community with digital solutions for incident reporting, training, ergonomics, and sustainable community engagement.

Construction & Engineering

Implement EHS solutions tailored to the structure and needs of your business that ensure easy access - from an office or in the field - to procedural documents, quick concern reporting, efficient incident investigations, and mobile inspections.

Consumer Goods

Build product excellence, regulatory compliance, supply chain efficiency, and enhanced corporate social responsibility across all divisions and regions for a competitive advantage in the market.

Energy & Renewables

Contribute to a sustainable energy future with solutions that increase regulatory compliance and inspire innovation, environmental stewardship, and a positive relationship with your communities and supply chain.

Environmental & Consulting Services

Promote regulatory compliance, data-driven EHS strategies, and eco-friendly practices that drive environmental preservation, regulatory adherence, and corporate responsibility for both you and your clients.

Facility Management

Utilize digital solutions to conduct mobile audits and inspections, identify trends and consistent pain-points across regions or areas of a facility, improve industrial hygiene, and ensure regulatory compliance as you undergo new builds and manage current locations.

Food & Beverage

Enhance food safety, increase efficiency and compliance throughout your supply chain, streamline process safety management, and improve employee safety to bolster consumer confidence in the products you create with EHS management digital solutions.

Government & Private Sector

Embrace best-practice EHS workflows and innovative technology to enhance your workplace safety and sustainability with a secure, cloud-based digital platform.

Logistics & Distribution

Drive safer operations, streamlined incident management, cost-effective logistics, regulatory compliance, enhanced customer satisfaction, and a positive environmental footprint.


Create security for your employees by prioritizing workplace safety and employee and occupational health. Mitigate the risk of MSDs, standardize best-practices and procedures across your organization, and quickly drive corrective actions with digital tools that support training, safety protocols, ergonomic techniques, and environmental sustainability.

Mining & Metals

Use an EHS digital platform to address the unique challenges in the mining and metals industry. Log incidents, access procedural documents, conduct audits, monitor environmental responsibility, and drive regulatory compliance-- whether you're working from a remote location or an office.

Oil & Gas

Manage high-risk operations in the oil and gas industry for increased worker safety, environmental protections, and regulatory compliance to protect your valuable assets and ensure safe and sustainable performance.


Streamline compliance, enhance safety training, and provide predictive maintenance, ensuring efficient operations, reduced costs, and engaged workers in the packaging industry.

Pharma & Healthcare

Ensure secure, reliable, and patient-focused pharmaceutical and healthcare operations with customized digital EHS solutions that enhance quality, safety, regulatory compliance, accurate data management, and employee training.

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  • Dynamic incident management
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  • Monitor compliance
  • Share success with stakeholders
  • Predict and prevent

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