Top Product Award 2022

Centralize Sustainability Data:

Collect and monitor all your site sustainability metrics in a centralized platform, including electricity, fuels, waste, water, and more.

Increase Data Integrity:

Simplify data collection with automatic data feeds from utility invoicing systems.

Meet Industry Standards:

Ensure accuracy and consistency with industry-standard emission calculations and reporting, such as EPA and IEA.

Establish GHG Emissions Footprint:

Calculate and view Scope 1, 2, and 3 GHG emissions based on usage data stored and managed within the platform.

Visualize Performance Improvement:

Create transparency by visualizing and measuring usage trends and progress toward goals with powerful analytics and reporting.

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Our Sustainability Reporting Software solutions seamlessly integrate with these AI and advanced technologies to increase your insights and maximize your impact.

Green and Blue System Interoperability APIs

Robert Hodge
Tate & Lyle

Centralize Sustainability Data: Collect, monitor, & analyze all sustainability data in one place.

Customize Your Metrics: Ensure accuracy with industry-standard reporting.

Automate Data Feeds: Leverage automatic data feeds from utility invoicing systems.

Measure Performance & Trends: Powerful analytics measure performance, usage, and trends.