Standardize Risk Assessment Processes:

Conduct standardized safety risk assessments (JSAs) for each job task.

Simplify Access:

Centralize the location of safety risk assessments (SRAs) to provide access for all employees to search applicable SRAs.

Streamline Workflows:

Create a standardized review process and revision history for all risk assessments.

Consolidate Data Records:

Upload operational procedures and other supporting materials (file attachments, i.e., illustrations, SOPs, photos, and more).

Integrate Seamlessly:

Connect with the Training Management Suite to track employee sign-off on SRA reviews.

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Our Risk Prevention & Safety Engagement solutions seamlessly integrate with these AI and advanced technologies to increase your insights and maximize your impact. 

Set a pre-defined threshold for this wearable wristband to detect contact with an electrical voltage. Automatically log an incident or near miss in your Benchmark Gensuite application and send automatic email notifications for follow up.

Holistic Risk Mitigation: Assess, prioritize, track, & manage risks across the enterprise.

Streamlined Engagement: Keep employees informed through unparalleled communication.

Accurate & Accessible Data: Continuously improve worksite safety with up-to-date risk-related reports.

Customized Safety Workflows: Develop customized procedures for all safety needs.