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ISO standards are internationally recognized “formulas” that help organizations establish best practices for handling a wide range of activities, from regulating the quality of your products, managing processes, and delivering services, to supplying materials in an environmentally responsible way. Maintaining ISO standards, however, can be a challenge for organizations to manage without a framework for planning and implementing their programs.

Benchmark Gensuite’s ISO Management Systems software centralizes your management framework to help boost productivity and program performance, respond more quickly to business disruptions and challenges, and ensure a safe, sustainable workforce. Integrate key environmental, health, and safety compliance and business standards, implement corrective actions, and drive continuous improvement to achieve ISO certification and compliance and streamline process conformity enterprise-wide.

Our Integrated Suite of ISO Management Systems Tools

Purple Management System Scoreboard

Management System Framework

Establish standardized expectations through a set of key elements and measure site-specific conformance via a basic/advanced scoring model



Create customizable forms to manage data collection for multiple programs, assign responsibility to communicate assignments, and track tasks to closure.


Track site profile details and custom attributes of security risks and programs, assign responsibility and update frequency, and manage real-time reports by scope and criteria.

Red Transparent Risk Registry Application Icon

Risk Registry

Quickly identify, manage, and mitigate risks across functions and activities while gaining real-time visibility to risk data and insights.

Icon for Doc Manager

Doc Manager

Provide a scalable platform for document hosting with powerful search features, revision history tracking, flexible access controls, streamlined batch uploads, and review notifications.

Computer Monitor with Graphic

Ops Metrics

Integrate key EHS processes and work activity expectations by establishing and tracking custom metrics and goals at various entity levels and assigning responsibility to leaders.

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Maintain ISO Standards

Align business priorities alongside a digital framework to maintain ISO requirements for quality, risk, environmental, occupational health & safety, business continuity, and food safety management.

Gain Real-Time Reporting Visibility

Stay up-to-date on operational, compliance, and overall safety performance metrics with improved reporting for site and corporate management of milestones.

Drive Continuous Improvement

Define your organization’s core program expectations, identify program gaps, track KPIs, and reduce incident rates, injury & illness cases, and overall DART rates.

Centralize Documentation Across Teams

Easily search and share documentation across teams to minimize business risks associated with inconsistencies among processes and procedures.

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“As a fast-growing company with multiple sites, Benchmark Gensuite enables us to see critical EHS data from afar. The best thing about Benchmark Gensuite is that it is user-friendly for our team, encouraging accurate reporting and data from our front-line users through intuitive interfaces. We receive great data from Benchmark Gensuite, and to me, that’s what matters most in EHS software.”

 – Rob P. | EHS Director, Amazon

Features of Our ISO Management Systems Tools

Establish digital compliance management system to conform with standards (VPP and ISO) and define program expectations for all sites across the enterprise
Measure all sites on a common platform to gauge operational performance and improvement against set standards via a customizable scoring model
Engage stakeholders to operate the digital management system by assigning ownership and a rhythm for program reviews and metrics
Drive collaboration by recognizing and sharing best practices to support program expectations
Manage program documentation centrally by including revision tracking, access controls, and the ability to showcase key documents

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Our ISO Management Systems solutions seamlessly integrate with these AI and advanced technologies to increase your insights and maximize your impact.

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Platform APIs​

Experience seamless integration & productivity with a harmonized digital ecosystem.​

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