Profiler Software

Facility Information Tracking for Risk & Compliance Improvements


Establish a Repository of Company Profile Site Information to Mitigate Risks and Enhance Compliance

Tracking facility-specific information, such as physical location details, permit renewals, and certification specifics, requires special attention to ongoing updates, deadlines, and more. Without the proper management system, critical details can be lost—including time-sensitive compliance and operational risk needs.

Benchmark Gensuite’s Profiler software simplifies the tracking of facility information, from physical location and operation type information to permit renewal dates and certification details.

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Why Profiler for Your Management Program?

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Establish a Standard Repository:

Profile sites across standardized characteristics and customizable attributes.

Enhance Compliance Assurance:

Document site permits and other compliance reporting requirements.

Improve Transparency:

Report on and analyze sites that meet certain criteria.

Stay Up-to-Date:

Quickly identify pending updates and keep track of important due dates.

Integrate Seamlessly:

Connect with other Benchmark Gensuite tools, like Compliance Calendar, for automatic reminder emails on permit renewals.

Learn how you can easily track facility-specific information, including customizable attributes for compliance needs.

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Features & Benefits​

Increase Visibility of Site-Specific Information to Address Compliance Needs

Identify Pending Updates

Quickly view the reporting status of upcoming deadlines, including pending updates, renewals, and more.

View Site Profiles At-a-Glance

Consolidate facility-specific information into a comprehensive profile to see location details, facility information, permits, certificates, and more.

Search Common Attributes Across Sites

Easily filter sites based on common attributes to track the status of environmental, health, and safety permits across your footprint.

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