Permit to Work Software Suite

Empower & protect your workforce with streamlined, transparent permit workflows

An unclear & inefficient permit to work process is disruptive and even dangerous, especially when there’s little visibility or communication over permit-required high-risk site activities, related hazards, control measures, equipment, and personnel. Keeping track of all these factors— in addition to ensuring permits don’t get held up in a backlog of pending signoffs & reviews from responsible persons— can be daunting.

Ensure safe, smooth, and uninterrupted operations from work permit request & initiation to approval with the Benchmark Gensuite® Permit to Work digital solutions suite. Take control of the entire permitting process for any type of permit-required work (Confined Space, Rooftop Entry, Hot Work, Working at Heights, etc.) with integrations to Lockout Tagout, Safety Risk Assessment, Forms, and more to establish organization for easy reviews; clear communication channels that keep your team informed of updates or safety impairments; and seamless workflows so no detail goes unnoticed or unaccounted for.

Our Integrated Suite of Permit to Work Tools

Benchmark's Permit to Work Software

Permit to Work

Simplify permit to work requests, reviews, and tracking to empower & protect your workforce

Lockout Tagout Software


Streamline & enhance your safety program with flexible and easily managed Lockout Tagout procedures



Build custom forms with ease and capture the right data to advance your goals

Blue Transparent Safety Risk Assessment Icon

Safety Risk Assessment (JSA)

Foster safe work environments and ensure workplace health & safety with standardized risk assessment processes to identify, monitor, and communicate enterprise-wide workplace risks

Industrial Hygiene Software

Industrial Hygiene

Promote a safe & healthy workplace environment through an integrated, comprehensive industrial hygiene platform

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Work Permit Process Visibility & Control

Digitally track your entire work permitting process from request to approval with complete management over finer details like status updates and responsible persons to ensure timeliness & regulatory compliance.

Clear Communication Channels

Empower your team by enabling employees & contractors to initiate permit requests; then keep the team informed of actions, responsibilities, and risks through at-a-glance dashboards & email notifications.

Customized & Flexible Workflows

No two operational sites are alike even if they require similar types of job work. Easily modify work permits according to job and site needs fast.

Improve Workplace Health & Safety

Mitigate risks from the start with well-defined procedures and continuous monitoring of potential hazards throughout the enterprise

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“Loving it ever since I got the chance to use the demo version from May 23, 2016 onwards. [The Benchmark Gensuite team] has been able to customize and coach new users clearly and diligently without failure. Coming to technical troubleshooting and customer service, no other EHS software providers come close to [Benchmark Gensuite]. Speed and timing are of the essence, which make [Benchmark Gensuite] such a reliable and consistent software.”
– Keat L. | EHS & Safety Officer

Features of Our Permit to Work Tools

Our Permit to Work solutions seamlessly integrate with these AI and advanced technologies to increase your insights and maximize your impact.

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