Integrated Advanced Tech & AI Solutions

Welcome to the Future. Our cloud-based unified platform seamlessly integrates advanced technologies and artificial intelligence to enhance your programs, streamline processes, and magnify impact. Experience tech innovations at their best – no “version upgrade” ever required!

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Connect on the go, get real-time updates, and get it done with responsive access to every page in the platform with support for every configuration, out of the box, no customization required! We enable users across the operation from the frontlines to the corner office suite to enhance collaboration with powerful features such as QR code scanning, augmented reality, and offline support, enhance collaboration and drive business success with the #1 Mobile App for EHS, Sustainability, Quality & Operational Risk! Join 250,000+ active users today!​

Your Dedicated Virtual Assistant

Tap, type, or speak to Genny®— the platform-integrated virtual assistant. Powered by AI and included standard for every subscriber. Simplify user access and enhance their experience.
Coming soon: GennyGPT, powered by GPT-4, for a more complete support experience.

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Meet Genny ® - The Benchmark Gensuite Virtual Assistant

Integrated Artificial Intelligence

Uncover deeper key operational insights with our incomparable and unparalleled AI-powered solutions for worker protection and identifying emerging health & regulatory risks. There’s nothing like it anywhere else.​

Ensure high quality & complete descriptions— every time—  in every data-logging form; from incidents to corrective actions to safety concerns for improved communication, accurate reviews, and expedited follow-up.

Identify emerging chemical risks and toxicological impacts of the chemicals being used across your operations through an integrated Chemical Management and Material Approval System AI— powered by Praedicat

Advanced Computer Vision

Experience the power of Advanced Computer Vision with SuperVision AI from Benchmark Gensuite. Detect potential hazards and near-misses on your worksite with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency.

Discover SuperVision AI: Your Safety Sentinel. SuperVision AI delivers a holistic, real-time view on operational activities and risks. Leverage facility cameras and network in other devices to identify & alert your on-site workforce to safety hazards & risks during day-to-day operations— preventing injuries and ensuring compliance. The AI model and solutions are provided by Benchmark Gensuite’s trustworthy partners and integrated seamlessly into your Benchmark Gensuite workflow applications such as Concern Reporting through the unified, integrated digital platform.

Key Features:

  • PPE Compliance: Ensure proper use of helmets, glasses, and vests.

  • Moving Object Monitoring: Prevent accidents with vehicle and pedestrian control.

  • Lifting Operations Control: Safeguard lifting zones with area and worker capacity monitoring.

  • Rapid Man Down Response: Accelerate emergency assistance for injured personnel.

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Our Partners

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Internet of Things (IoT) & Wearables​

Tie-in wearables and IoT technologies & devices with the Benchmark Gensuite platform for connected worker and environmental / safety monitoring applications, including:
Heat Stress Alerting Wearables​
Electric Hazard Detection Wearables​
Ergonomic Risk Monitoring Wearables​
Location Sensors ​
Temperature Probes​
Augmented Reality​

Platform APIs - Connecting Systems for Maximum Interoperability

Experience unparalleled integration and productivity with Benchmark Gensuite’s Platform APIs, your key to a harmonized digital ecosystem.
  • External Data Access: Lookup and use employee information, hours worked, and more within the Benchmark System.

  • Workflow Initiation: Automate data logging from IoT sensors and initiate incident root cause analysis from external systems.

  • Information Publishing: Post metrics to company websites and provide status updates effortlessly.​

  • Industry-Standard Data Security: Benefit from API access authentication, encrypted data transmission (SSL), and comprehensive API documentation.​

  • Extensive Application Compatibility: Over 20+ Benchmark APIs, ready for interoperable systems and integrations.

  • Example API integration for  Sustainability and ESG Data Collection and Reporting Integrated AI Partner:

Elevate your business processes and workflows with Benchmark Gensuite’s Platform APIs, streamlined integration for maximum efficiency, connecting your systems seamlessly for a unified digital ecosystem.

Benchmark Gensuite APIs

Ready for Interoperable Systems Integrations!

Dashboards & Analytics

Unlock the power of your data with Benchmark Gensuite’s Dashboards & Analytics: Your Data, Visualized and Simplified. With integrated Tableau (R) software included at no additional cost for all subscribers!

U Connect®: In-App Remote Collaboration

Seamless Collaboration at Your Fingertips – Experience unparalleled connectivity and efficiency with U Connect.​