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Pairing industry expertise with rapid advancement in Artificial Intelligence, EHS technologies, mobile, and analytics to keep your organization, people, and community safe while increasing efficiency.

Time-Saving AI at Your Fingertips

AI and modern technologies enable EHS teams to automate manual tasks and instantly access larger datasets than ever before for more accurate and efficient strategies. But technology is only as good as the experience and expertise behind it. For over 25 years, our EHS leaders have been developing innovative answers to real-world questions and embedding time-saving, efficiency-building solutions into our unified platform.

Companies all over the world trust Benchmark Gensuite for practical, real-world improvements to operational performance, efficiency, and safety in EHS, Sustainability, and ESG Disclosure Reporting.

As technologies continue to improve and transform how we work, we will continue to remain on the cutting edge, implementing AI and other technologies that empower you to create safer environments and happier people.

Save time from tedious manual work
Provide consistency and standardization across your company
Augment knowledge and advanced insights
Direct connections and engagement with your people

AI for EHS: Save Time and Reduce Risks in Your Workplace​

Meet our Genny AI tools. Designed to save you time, uncover data insights, and reduce the complexity of your EHS and sustainability tasks.​
AI Advisors: Powering EHS Intelligence​
Guiding data collection, assessment, and holistic insights to uncover safety risks in your organization.​
Interactive & Generative AI: Simplifying EHS Tasks​
Assisting your EHS tasks to make your job easier.​

New Technologies: Empower EHS & Risk Management Teams​

Engage users with their digital EHS solutions with new technologies to strengthen program performance, streamline data collection, and enhance the user experience. ​
Keeping your workforce connected and engaged from any location​.
Analytics and Reporting​
Building customized data dashboards to drive improvements.​
Application Programming Interface (API)​
Connecting disconnected systems into EHS workflows for unparalleled data integration and productivity​.
Data Warehouse
Managing and storing data across applications for comprehensive analysis. ​
Data eXchange Portal​
Integrating and transforming internal and external data for total visibility​.
U Connect
In-app user collaboration for seamless collaboration at your fingertips.​

Want to join the AI conversation​?

Our growing LinkedIn group, AI for EHS + Sustainability Collaboration Forum, lets you in on the conversation to learn how your colleagues are using AI, share your ideas, and hear about the latest advancements from Benchmark Gensuite.

More ways AI and new technologies can make a difference for EHS & sustainability

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