Training Tracker + My LMS Software

Simplify Employee Training With Batch Content Assignments and An Easy-to-Use Interface


Meet Compliance Goals and Optimize Employee Training Management

To meet compliance-driven training requirements, organizations must implement an effective multi-tiered training program. However, manual tracking makes it difficult for training leaders to stay updated on employee training status, efficiently track progress, and identify training needs and gaps.

Benchmark Gensuite’s Training Management Software, Training Tracker + My LMS, offers a combination of employee training tracking and a learning management system (LMS) that enables program leaders to streamline training requirements and materials and drive employee engagement with regulatory and best practice training. These simple, robust digital tools integrate with existing HR systems to automate training assignments based on location, job category, department, and other HR attributes, facilitate the scheduling of training sessions, and track and report on completion/qualifications—making it easy to manage employee training, even as you scale.

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Why Training Tracker + My LMS for Your Training Management Program?

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Create Custom Training:

Build a job-applicable and risk-based training matrix for regulatory training requirements and tap into a catalog of expert-curated or custom-built training content.

Easily Log Training Completions:

Track training assignments and completion and log them quickly online or using barcodes, mobile devices, batch uploads, or e-tests.

Increase Cross-Functional Training Compliance:

Manage multiple training programs across EHS, ESG, HR, Legal, Medical, and SCM programs and functions.

Manage Employee Qualifications:

Be in the know about your employees' qualifications and upcoming certification expirations, and bring company-wide visibility to employee capacities.

Automate Notifications:

Configure system notifications and use auto-generated status emails to monitor training delivery, completion, and past due reminders.

Learn how employee training software can help standardize training processes, drive employee engagement, and ensure compliance.
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Features & Benefits​

Simplify and Enhance Training Management for Employee & Enterprise Success

Gain Real-Time Visibility

View an active list of new, transferred, or deactivated employees and the training status of each employee and site.

Build a Customized Course Library

Access third-party online content, internally developed resources, and in-person classroom training materials.

Drive Training Expectations

Eliminate compliance gaps through automated course scheduling and reporting.

Take Your Program to the Next Level with Advanced Tech & AI​

Our Training Management solutions seamlessly integrate with these AI and advanced technologies to increase your insights and maximize your impact.  ​

Genny® ​

Tap, type, or speak to our dedicated virtual assistant for simplified support, user access, and an enhanced user experience.​

Green and Blue System Interoperability APIs
Platform APIs​

Experience seamless integration & productivity with a harmonized digital ecosystem.​

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Dashboards & Analytics​

Unlock the power of your data through robust visualizations & reports— powered by Tableau®.​

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Comprehensive Organization: Organize eLearning content in one location to deliver customizable training programs.

Clear Program Visibility: Easily track learner progress and performance.

Unparalleled Efficiency: Access online training systems, exams, and quizzes.

Effortless Updates: Stay current with training compliance regulations with updated content.