U Connect Remote Collaboration Software

Come Together Remotely with Live Video, Audio, and Chat ​


Integrated, Peer-to-Peer Virtual Collaboration for Uninterrupted Engagement​

Collaboration is as easy as logging onto the Benchmark Gensuite platform to connect with other remote or on-location experts and peers for your next audit, inspection, or maintenance check. Because U Connect is accessible within all Benchmark Gensuite applications, you can share directly from our platform to connect remotely via your desktop or mobile application and pair with supporting technologies.​

​Enhance your communication efforts and increase visibility with U Connect—the in-app remote collaboration software for live sharing—so you can have eyes and ears on-site from your remote or work-from-home environment with audio sharing, live video, and instant chat.​

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Why U Connect for Your Remote Access and Engagement? ​


Connect Directly from Your Benchmark Gensuite Platform:

Open U Connect from your favorite Benchmark Gensuite application to collaborate without ever leaving your work.

Collaborate with Peers:

Launch U Connect for easy collaboration wherever you are.​

Record Calls for Future Reference:

Record audio and video calls when using U Connect on desktop to ensure you never miss important information.

Send Files With Ease:

Share files easily with employees and peers, directly from your U Connect chat or audio and video calls.

Complete Remote Audits:

Complete remote audits of facilities from off-site locations with audio, video, and chat capabilities. ​

Learn how you can increase peer-to-peer access and engagement within the Benchmark Gensuite applications. ​

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Features & Benefits

Discover Remote Auditing, Inspections, Incident Investigations, and More​ with U Connect

Collaborate with On-Site Employees​

Share audio and video for site inspections, directly from the Benchmark Gensuite platform—with access to all your applications.​

Complete Actions From Anywhere​

Initiate checklists, add follow-up investigations, log findings, and upload pictures, videos, & attachments.​

Tap Into Advanced Technologies​

Pair with supporting technologies like Smart Glasses to be the eyes and ears on-site during a remote audit.​

Conduct Audits, Inspections, and Investigations From Any Location​

U Connect enables you to easily conduct audits, inspections, and incident investigations from any remote location to log findings, upload pictures, initiate checklists, look up regulatory protocols, schedule audits, and more—meaning travel challenges don’t have to get in the way of getting your job done.​
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Incident Management

Report, follow-up, and investigate EHS related incidents to standardize reporting and identify trends.​

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Action Tracking System​

Define corrective & preventative actions, set closure targets, and ensure timely response to address actions.​

Grey Reg Auditor Logo
Reg Auditor​

Conduct audits using internally authored protocols or turnkey global content providers.​

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