Describe-It AI Advisor Software

Improve data quality in real-time with AI-powered description quality assessments​


Drive Data Quality Improvements with AI Software to Enhance Timely and Informed Decisions​

Accurate, thorough, and detailed descriptions of incidents, injury/illness events, concerns, and even requests for help can greatly reduce investigation time, follow-up, and the ability to mitigate safety risks. Benchmark Gensuite Describe-It AI Advisor leverages cutting-edge AI technology to assist users in crafting comprehensive, quality descriptions to eliminate the need for additional follow-up details and improve data over time.​

Using an in-depth analysis of your description, the AI provides intelligence prompts to guide you on best practices for adding description details, as well as generates a weighted score based on an ideal narrative, including the number of meaningful words, actions, and more. With key insights on score trends available to report and share, leaders can quickly and efficiently identify the most critical issues to address and ensure timely and appropriate action.

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Why Describe-It AI Advisor for Advanced Technical Insights? ​

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Improve Data Quality:

Review real-time guidance encouraging quality, detailed, and appropriate description data entry.​

Drive Transformational Change:

AI insights teach users to understand what key details are needed for a strong description.​

Reduce Follow-Up Time:

Receive an AI-generated weighted score based on an ideal narrative so the right information is received the first time—eliminating prolonged follow-up and response times.​

Quantify Improvements Over Time:

Key insights on score trends, available to share through Dashboards & Analytics | Tableau, create visibility into program improvements.​

Engage Your Teams:

Foster a culture of workplace safety and accountability with availability across various Benchmark Gensuite applications and multi-lingual capabilities.​

Learn how you can use AI Software to instantly improve descriptions for events, concerns, incidents, and more.​

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Features & Benefits​

Easily Harness the Power of AI to Increase Insights and Expedite Follow-Up​

Powerful Artificial Intelligence​

User inputted descriptions are analyzed based on multiple factors and given a quality score based on optimal narrative structure.​

Immediate, Actionable Insights​

Based on the real-time AI guidance, users can modify their descriptions to include additional details and edit inappropriate language.​

Trend Scores for Ongoing Improvements​

Scores from submitted descriptions are tracked and analyzed to provide insights into trends for continual improvements.​

Uncover Deeper Operational Insights Across Multiple Applications​

Describe-It AI Advisor seamlessly integrates with various Benchmark Gensuite applications to easily capture and encourage quality information throughout your programs—providing you the details you need to take action.​
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Incident Management​

Report, follow-up, and investigate EHS related incidents to standardize reporting and identify trends.​

Icon for Initial Injury Reports
Initial Injury Report​

Log all reported injuries & illnesses for follow-up by supervisors and designated site leads to track and manage incidents.​

Purple Action Tracking Icon
Action Tracking System​

Log findings, assign responsibility, suggest corrective actions, and track items to closure for complete visibility of tasks.​

Concern Reporting​

Manage employee safety-related concerns and near misses to respond quickly to issues and identify improvements.​

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