Press Release

Standing Behind our Asian Communities to End the Hate

Picture of Benchmark Gensuite

Hate comes in many forms – and when directed towards a group of people based on their culture, skin color, ethnic background, age, gender, or sexual orientation, requires each of us to stand up and call it out as unacceptable – clearly and unequivocally.  The Benchmark Digital team as an organization, as a culture built on collaboration, and collectively as a global team feel outraged by the recent hate crimes directed towards the Asian community in our home country.  These horrible, senseless acts that have occurred here recently or anywhere are not only hurting innocent lives, but also advance a culture of hate that we cannot bear in silence.  We support our Asian communities here in the United States and abroad and demand the violence and cruelty against them be stopped.  It is only together, with the inclusion of all our citizens – no matter their background, identity, or orientation – that we can overcome the challenges we face today to grow into a better tomorrow.

To support our quest for unity and harmony, we are making a contribution to the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund to aid in their efforts to “protect and promote the civil rights of Asian Americans”.  We humbly request all Benchmark team members, our subscribers, and partners community to join us in a pledge to stand up for what is right and put an end to Asian hate.