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Benchmark Digital Introduces ESG Executive Forum to Facilitate Collaboration and Thought Leadership

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CINCINNATI, Ohio (Oct 6, 2021) – Benchmark Digital, a cloud-based Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) software solutions provider, is launching an ESG Executive Collaboration Forum series to help companies understand and prepare for the impacts of ESG on their organizations. The forum will feature insights from experts from industry, nongovernmental organizations, and investor communities and can inform decision making as organizations look to develop ESG commitments, reporting strategies, and best practices for ESG operationalization.  

Amid surging demand for corporate transparency and accountability as well as emerging global regulatory and reporting standards, ESG is now an urgent priority for large and mid-market companies. Modeled after Benchmark’s successful Pandemic Response Collaboration Forum, the ESG Executive Collaboration Forum will allow participants to engage their peers in the sharing of actionable, timely insights and best practices from across industry. The forum will kick off on October 27. 

“We’re excited to kick off the ESG Collaboration series this month with a stellar lineup of industry experts and insights into issues like climate resiliency and the practical implications of this for companies across all sectors,” said Amanda Petzinger, Associate VP, Product Management and Marketing at Benchmark. “Our customers want to understand what this all means for them and their organizations, and how they can translate ESG commitments into their day-to-day operations.”  

Benchmark’s ESG Executive Collaboration Forum series will also include peer-to-peer roundtable discussion. Participants can engage their counterparts on topics such as ESG reporting and disclosure, operationalizing ESG, data management, managing risk, updates to reporting frameworks (GRI, CDP, SASB, TCFD, etc.), and much more.  

“For over two decades, we’ve partnered with our subscribers to help them deliver on their commitments to stakeholders, employees, and communities through continuous improvement principles and digital transformation at the program and process level,” said Donavan Hornsby, Corporate Development & Strategy Officer at Benchmark. “ESG presents a unique yet familiar set of challenges as well as opportunities. We are excited about the likely innovations to emerge from this forum.” 

To register for the ESG Executive Collaboration Forum series and recommend future ESG-related topics, visit the ESG Executive Collaboration Forum registration page. 


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