Win with an Integrated, Unified EHS, Sustainability & ESG Reporting Platform – Part 4: Product Stewardship, Supply Chain Engagement & Risk Management

March 4th to 10th, 2023 is National Safety Week in India! According to the National Safety Council, the theme for National Safety Week this year is ‘Nurture young minds – Develop safety culture’. Making safety an integral part of your organization’s operations begins with your shop-floor employees and youngest professionals, and expands all the way to your top leadership! The key to building a strong safety culture is to have all hands on board!

From enabling your employees to openly communicate safety concerns to empowering your teams to quickly respond to safety incidents, a streamlined safety program is critical! Join us to learn how you can digitalize your safety program, empowering every team member to succeed at their job – from promptly reporting hazards, safety concerns, and incidents, facilitating effective investigation, to identifying trends, taking corrective action, and sharing best practices across the enterprise to prevent future occurrences.


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