Transforming Ergonomic Risk Management: Ergo AI Solution Powered by 3motionAI

Request access to explore the transformative potential and business benefits of digitizing and standardizing ergonomic risk management programs within your company’s EHS Management Platform. Hosted by Benchmark Gensuite experts in collaboration with the 3motionAI team, this 45-minute webinar took place on April 18th at 11AM ET. We delved into the critical importance of modernizing traditional ergonomics assessments by leveraging Computer Vision (CV) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, making the process more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective.

During this insightful session, attendees discovered:

  • The business values and improvements promised by the Ergo Evaluator
  • The application and workflow of Ergo Evaluator on the Benchmark Gensuite platform
  • The seamless integration of video-based assessment capabilities powered by 3motionAI into Ergo Evaluator
  • The flexibility of Ergo Evaluator on Mobile, enabling ergonomic assessments anywhere, anytime
  • Various insights and tools within the Ergo Evaluator to drive continuous improvement
  • Insights into the Return-on-Investment (ROI) and guidance on getting started

Although the live event has passed, you can still benefit from the knowledge shared in “Transforming Ergonomic Risk Management: Ergo AI Solution Powered by 3motionAI.” Register now to access the recording and take your next step towards creating a safer and more efficient workplace.

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