The Comprehensive ESG Masterclass 5-Part Series, Part 4 of 5: The G in ESG & Decoding Investment-Grade ESG Data

The ‘Governance’ pillar involves decision-making governance considerations and the risks and opportunities associated with corporate governance practices. While considered an underdog in the current ESG landscape, Governance sets the stage for top-down policies in your organization that affect E and S execution and performance at every level of your enterprise.
Stakeholders eyeing Governance metrics will assess diversity and inclusion in your boardroom, whether primary duties like regulatory compliance, accounting, and auditing are met, whether your policies are beneficial to stakeholders, and how CEOs and top executives are compensated.

In Part 4 of our Comprehensive ESG Masterclass webinar series, we’ll look at the governance metrics material to your organization, how these are structured across frameworks including the BRSR, GRI, SASB, and more and how you can use digital tools to collect and report accurate and reliable governance data.

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