Digital Solution Best Practices for Streamlining and Automating Product & Supply Chain Sustainability Programs

3-Part Supply Chain Risk & Supplier Sustainability Webinar Series

Supply chain bottlenecks continue to make headlines as pandemic-related and other challenges create ongoing shortages across industries worldwide. Not only are organizations facing supply chain continuity issues, but customers and investors are driving organizations to include suppliers in ESG commitments as part of their risk management and sustainability strategies.

How can your organization keep up? Request access to the 3-part series on Supply Chain Risk & Sustainability and explore how a digital solution can support the multiple aspects of your supply chain management program.

Session 3: Supplier Due Diligence & Product Regulatory Compliance

Effective supplier engagement and due diligence is critical to the success of your product compliance program and to ensuring your organization’s ability to introduce products and product manufacturing to any region. The global proliferation of product regulatory obligations requires a robust digital solution to centralize cross-functional activities and engage suppliers effectively for material composition, compliance, and other information. Join us for the final session of our Supply Chain webinar series as we discuss how a digital solution can streamline compliance tracking and regulatory monitoring for a robust supplier engagement and due diligence program.

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