The Comprehensive ESG Masterclass 5-Part Series, Part 3 of 5: The S in ESG

Social metrics are an important indicator of ESG performance. In Part 3 of our Comprehensive ESG Masterclass series, our ESG experts will take a closer look at the ‘Social’ pillar in ESG and explore the social factors that can affect a company’s ESG performance – from the gender composition of your workforce to the health and safety implications of your product and human rights practices across your supply chain.
However, not all inputs for social metrics can be quantified and data under the social pillar needs to be compiled from across multiple enterprise-wide sources. Join us as we explore how you can identify the social metrics material to your organization, set KPIs to evaluate social performance, and leverage digital tools to seamlessly connect diverse sources of social data in your organization and bring them onto a single enterprise-wide platform.

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