Exploring the New Benchmark ESG Director

Are you currently or do you expect to be responsible for ESG reporting? Here’s the good news: if you’re already collecting enterprise data—Environmental Health & Safety compliance, sustainability, HR, financial, or any other—you already have the building blocks for ESG success! To make your efforts truly credible, successful, and sustainable, however, you’ll need an ESG data management platform you can use to advance beyond spreadsheets, consolidate your data, gain real-time visibility and control, and enable ESG impact. ESG Director™ from Benchmark ESG® is the first solution of its kind: a holistic digital platform that makes ESG data management and reporting easy, ensures “investment grade” data that stakeholders demand, and generates value through more sustainable business practices. In this on-demand webinar you’ll discover how easily you can:

  • Choose ESG metrics that are material to your business
  • Capture data from any source—and ensure it’s accurate and verifiable
  • Enable cross-functional collaboration
  • Assign ownership of KPIs
  • View, track, and analyze ESG performance in real time
  • Align your disclosure reporting with fully integrated global frameworks and standards

Register today, and learn how you can get up and running quickly—no matter how complex your operations—and report ESG data with confidence!

Exploring the new Benchmark ESG Director

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