Digital Solution Best Practices for Streamlining and Automating Product & Supply Chain Sustainability Programs

Implementing a secure digital tracking system for employee Covid-19 vaccination status and testing can help to minimize the spread of Covid-19 in the physical workplace, enable operational resilience, and provide flexibility in the event of future regulatory mandates (such as the OSHA ETS just set aside by the US Supreme Court).

Request our free Webinar to explore key drivers and benefits to implementing a digital tracking system, and how the Benchmark Med Data module can serve as your turnkey digital solution for tracking employee Covid-19 vaccination and testing with ease.

Developed in collaboration with operational, safety and medical leaders in Benchmark’s cross-industry subscriber group and deployed since May 2021, the Benchmark Med Data solution is a proven tool that is ready to launch, with built-in flexibility to serve individual subscriber-specific needs—and is backed by our absolute commitment to continued evolution to meet operational best practices and future regulatory drivers.

If you’re looking for a simple way to minimize risk, ensure operational continuity and assure future compliance—as well as to establish a database for scalable Occ Health data management—you won’t want to miss this Webinar.

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