Increase Collaboration and Simplify Platform Access with Frontline Solutions

Drive up user engagement and reporting with intuitive, AI-powered mobile apps

Enhance Your Benchmark Gensuite Experience.and Increase Accessibility

Enhance Your Digital Experience and Increase Accessibility

Give your employees the technologies they want and need to engage with, and get excited about, their digital EHS solutions. Because just providing the tools isn’t enough—we strive to excite users to be as passionate about their digital solutions as we are using innovative, frontline accessibility technologies to simplify accessibility, bolster collaboration, and encourage user engagement.

Connect employees with their digital EHS tools to increase adoption, utilization, and productivity.
Increase access to peers and experts for better collaboration and problem-solving.
Simplify digital EHS solution interactions to streamline workflows and strengthen on-site tracking of key metrics.

Technologies to Connect, Collaborate, and Engage with Your Solutions


Connect on the go, get real-time updates, and get it done with responsive access to every page in the Benchmark Gensuite platform—with no customizations required!


Tap, type, or speak to Genny, the platform-integrated virtual assistant, powered by AI and included as a standard for every subscriber to simplify user access and enhance productivity.

U Connect

In-App User Collaboration

Experience unparalleled connectivity and efficiency for seamless collaboration at your fingertips—so you can unify your workforce while working within your Benchmark Gensuite digital solutions.

Visualize Your EHS Insights with Built-In Data Reporting and Analytics

How can you get the most out of the data coming from our AI tools? Advanced reporting and analytics can take your data and transform it into actional business insights that you can visualize.​

Dashboards & Analytics, integrated with Tableau® software, comes standard to all Benchmark Gensuite subscribers—meaning no additional costs! Why? Because we want you to get the most out of the data you capture.

Transform complex information into visually engaging, easy-to-understand insights
Identify trends and make informed decision with confidence
Optimize performance and drive continuous improvement
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