ESG Analytics & Insights

Maximize your ESG performance with detailed data, precise analytics, and powerful insights

It all comes down to data. The most successful companies rely on accurate, verifiable data to shape their ESG strategies, inform critical decisions, and deploy resources. Those companies turn to powerful software to gather that data and extract meaningful insights. Benchmark Gensuite’s ESG analytics software provides a combination of ESG data evaluation, datamining, and predictive analysis across all levels of the organization. With these same capabilities, you can focus on data-based leading indicators to improve ESG performance, operational efficiency, and resource optimization.

Our Integrated Suite of ESG Analytics & Insights Tools

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Dashboards & Analytics

Get the visibility you need to achieve performance excellence with powerful analytics and reporting software

Blue and Green Data Exchange

Data Exchange Program (DXP) Integrator

Collect, consolidate, and manage data in a secure, accessible portal for effortless utilization & integration

Integrated Advanced Tech & AI

Access leading-edge solutions with no version upgrade required, ever

Embedded Mobile & Analytics

Mobile App standard – with pre-built Insights & Dashboards

Dedicated Customer Support

Signature domain expertise & service – delivered globally from 10 countries

Purpose-Built to Maximize Your Benefits

Join Our Over 3 Million Users Who Trust Our Audit & Inspection Management Software

Designed to Get the Most— and Best— Out of Your Data

Join Our Over 3 Million Users Who Trust Our ESG Analytics & Insights Software

Complete Data Visibility & Insights

Datamine, report, and chart application data to derive insights; then identify leading indicators & improvement opportunities

Centralized, Accessible & Actionable

Quickly & easily find, obtain, and use the data you need across the enterprise to meet stakeholder demands for disclosures & reports

Automated Data Aggregation & Analysis

Spend more time on critical decision-making and putting your data to work toward achieving performance excellence

Analyze Anywhere, Anytime

Absorb analytics data seamlessly on desktop or mobile, so you can work uninterrupted

See What Our Subscribers are Saying

“ESG considerations enhance our company by reducing investor risk and enhancing value. It creates a greater level of resilience and output so we can outperform our competitors.”

 – Herman Baker, Global EHS & Sustainability Director

Features of Our ESG Analytics & Insights Tools

Streamline and automate the ESG data analysis process for informed, accurate decision-making
Create & share interactive dashboards and reports through Tableau’s intuitive interface to ensure ease of access to critical ESG data
Customize data and layouts by user or organization scope to maintain security and streamline data access

Take Your Program to the Next Level with Advanced Tech & AI

Our Product Stewardship solutions seamlessly integrate with these AI and advanced technologies to increase your insights and maximize your impact.

DXP | Data Integrator

Seamlessly integrate, transform, and publish data across your organization & Benchmark Gensuite solutions.

Green and Blue System Interoperability APIs
Platform APIs

Experience seamless integration & productivity with a harmonized digital ecosystem.

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Dashboards & Analytics

Unlock the power of your data through robust visualizations & reports— powered by Tableau®.

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