EHS Data Transformation

Connecting Systems and Integrating Data for Enhanced Productivity and Insights

Revolutionize Data Collection, Sharing, and Insights for Increased Program Performance

Data collection is the foundation of a successful EHS program—but integrating and transforming those metrics into powerful insights can turn a successful business into an unstoppable force. Move beyond mere data collection with advanced technologies to connect, combine, and securely store your business-critical data, across EHS, operations, safety, sustainability, ESG disclosure reporting, and more programs to strengthen your business, improve performance, and capture complete visibility into your entire organization.

Never struggle with multiple, disconnected data sets again! Gain a complete picture of your operational performance by sharing data between your internal and external systems with ease.

Make your data make sense by analyzing large data sets quickly and without bogging down systems.

Save time and enhance productivity without manually compiling and converting data for compatibility.

Comprehensive Data Connections and Transformation Tools to Build a Harmonized Digital Ecosystem

Data Xchange Portal

Seamlessly integrate, transform, and publish data, internal and external to your organization–from across your business and Benchmark Gensuite solutions–to create an automatic flow of data.

Platform Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

Connect your systems to create a harmonized digital ecosystem and experience unparalleled data integration and productivity within over 20 of the most widely used Benchmark Gensuite applications.

Data Warehouse

Store, manage, and utilize all your cross-functional data in one place without size or product site limitations—so you can integrate and analyze your HR, Operations, Finance, EHS, and more data on a large scale—in one place.

Visualize Your EHS Insights with Built-In Data Reporting and Analytics

How can you get the most out of the data coming from your system integrations? Advanced reporting and analytics can take your data and transform it into actional business insights that you can visualize.

Dashboards & Analytics, integrated with Tableau® software, comes standard to all Benchmark Gensuite subscribers—meaning no additional costs! Why? Because we want you to get the most out of the data you capture.

Transform complex information into visually engaging, easy-to-understand insights
Identify trends and make informed decision with confidence
Optimize performance and drive continuous improvement

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