Boosting Organizational Performance With Integrated Occupational Health & Safety Management

As organizations grow, they require more adaptable system architecture for organizational alignment; limitations become barriers to productivity. With complicated system design, maintenance costs can amount because of unused features or not having enough capabilities to meet the needs of the organization.

A common frustration for medical and EHS professionals, with on-site medical clinics, is working within siloed departmental functions. When job duties are siloed, information stops flowing freely and companies experience duplication of work tasks and missed opportunities. Lack of collaboration makes it hard for
departments to coordinate efforts. This can create blind spots and makes compliance challenging when health and safety, onsite medical, and risk management have disconnected reporting.

Benchmark Gensuite ’s Med Care™ solution was the first integrated and scalable occupational health and safety management solution to give the subscriber the ability to align EHS and Medical processes, functions, and performance to organizational goals.

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