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Protect the health & safety of your workforce and ensure business continuity

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Pandemic Management Software for the Workplace

Empower Your EHS Team to Mitigate Risks Associated with Covid-19

The Covid-19 global pandemic presented the need for workplace solutions that allow team leaders to track operational impact and protect the health and safety of employees. Pandemic management software solutions from Benchmark Gensuite allow users to holistically manage their response to the pandemic and mitigate associated risks based on best management practices and worker protection measures. From exposure event tracking and geographical hotspot monitoring to PPE management and vaccination/testing status reporting, you can rest assured that your EHS team is equipped with the tools they need for effective pandemic risk management.

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Prioritize EHS Program Needs and Expand Your Capabilities with Pandemic Management Software from Benchmark Gensuite®

Engage stakeholders to identify material issues and associated priorities
Easily rank issues by level of importance, with at-a-glance views of organizational needs
Align cross-functional program activities with overarching EHS strategy and priorities
Track EHS initiatives and projects through integrated and built-in Benchmark Gensuite workflow and reporting solutions

Benchmark’s Pandemic Management Software Solutions

Benchmark’s scalable pandemic response and risk management tools, developed in collaboration with cross-industry Benchmark Gensuite® subscribers and partners beginning in March 2020, help EHS leaders easily and effectively safeguard employees by tracking locally, working globally, and expanding in the future if needed beyond Covid-19

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Digital Vaccination/Testing Status Tracking & Reporting

Use our Med Data solution to digitally track, manage, and report on employee Covid-19 vaccination and test status
Key Features :

  • Streamlined Covid-19 vaccination recordkeeping by Vaccine Type and Dose # using established vaccine library with attachments
  • Test reporting by established test type library with attachments
  • Online search and reporting by employee or department, integrated with company HR
  • Library of standard Dashboards & Analytics® reports for employee vaccination & test status and operational insights
PPE tracking software

PPE Tracking & Inventory Management

With PPE Manager, you can seamlessly facilitate pandemic and operations-critical PPE tracking and inventory management with an ongoing digitized list of available PPE by site or across the enterprise.
Key Features :

  • Establish a repository of site PPE including N95 respirators and surgical masks, disposable gloves, disinfectant supplies, thermometers, etc
  • Determine restock needs and manage PPE requests
  • Integration with Safety Risk Assessment (SRA) to identify appropriate Covid-19 PPE requirements to reduce illness exposure
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Pandemic Response

Easily record and track pandemic exposures for employees, contractors, and visitors to mitigate risk
Key Features :

  • Track exposures by suspected, confirmed, or disproved cases
  • Maintain HIPAA compliance and GDPR requirements with confidential tracking
  • Mobile capability offering remote access
  • Link to Injury & Illness report for OSHA compliance
  • Integrated Dashboards & Analytics provides trends overview
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Pandemic Exposure Log

Build on data reported in the Pandemic Exposure Event form to track source exposures and “in contact” persons
Key Features :

  • Record symptoms, occupation, site location, dates of testing, quarantine and more
  • Leverage exposure tree for a clear picture of those affected to limit transmission among workers
  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII) available only with special access rights to protect confidentiality
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Mapper™ Heatmap Visualization Tool

View geographic mapping of sites and real-time interactive overlays of Covid-19 hotspots to see at-risk sites.
Key Features :

  • Data sourced from Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center displays interactive heatmap
  • Real-time data published by the World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and other leading global health agencies
  • Dynamic filtering capabilities for displaying essential information
  • Identify at-risk sites to make informed decisions related to shutdowns and return-to-work planning
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Pandemic Regulatory Updates/Advisories

With Reg TrackerTM real-time monitoring and communication of key Covid-19 regulatory and advisory updates, you can better inform global and local teams of best management practices and worker protection measures
Key Features :

  • Real-time monitoring and communication of key Covid-19 regulatory and advisory updates with local, state/province, and global coverage
  • Daily monitoring updates from validated sources (WHO, CDC, etc.) delivered by Benchmark Gensuite content partners
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Employee, Visitor & Contractor Screening

Use our Survey Engine solution to ensure site safety by screening employees, visitors, and contractors with customizable questionnaires.
Key Features :

  • Screen workers and visitors as they enter a site to ensure workplace health and safety
  • Enable anonymous submission through mobile-enabled questionnaires via link or QR code
  • Alert facility health and safety coordinators for immediate review of potential health concerns and ensure actions are consistent with return-to-work policies and procedures

Awards and Recognition

Benchmark is honored to have received accolades and many industry awards for helping our subscribers reach EHS & ESG success.

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"We’ve had things like bird flu and MERS, but this has really shown what the EHS team can do to help them in their lives. No one knew how to spell PPE back before the pandemic: it has really raised the alertness of EHS. It has raised the importance of having EHS and crisis management in the executive team."
– George Kalfayan, Global Senior EHS Manager at Cytiva

Maximize the Value of Your Next ESG Materiality Assessment

Materiality Advisor provides a launchpad for organizations to prioritize their ESG issues and define a pathway to achieving their ESG commitments. With heatmap visualizations and seamless integrations into Benchmark’s ESG and project management software solutions, you can drive action on targets to make an ESG impact.

When employees call off work, our HR Partners have a way to track symptoms, testing dates, and return-to-work dates. As their situation changes, our team can quickly update the number of days in quarantine, as well as criteria for returning to work in one single place. They can then pull reports to track data and share with leadership to make informed decisions for health and safety.When employees call off work, our HR Partners have a way to track symptoms, testing dates, and return-to-work dates. As their situation changes, our team can quickly update the number of days in quarantine, as well as criteria for returning to work in one single place. They can then pull reports to track data and share with leadership to make informed decisions for health and safety.

– Rob Somers, Director of EHS
Perrigo Company

Pandemic Response & Risk Management Software Is Compatible With These Benchmark Tech Tools

Powered by advanced technologies, Benchmark Tech accelerates and delivers digital transformation across every platform. And it’s integrated with every Benchmark Gensuite® subscription.

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Mobile App | iOS | Android

Use our full suite of solutions with ease, anywhere you are, from your smartphone or tablet.

Blue and Green Analytics by Tableau

Dashboards & Analytics

Access detailed data and insights to make clear decisions and drive actionable, operational change.

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Ask Genny®: Virtual Assistant

Tap, type or speak to Genny to make your EHS & ESG operations more interactive and efficient.

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U Connect®: In-App Remote Collaboration

Unite your entire team or company and collaborate with remote experts and colleagues in real time.

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IoT: Connected Enterprise/Worker

Enhance decision making, protect workers and improve processes by integrating wearables and smart devices.

Blue and Green Data Exchange

Data Exchange Layer

Configure, adjust and monitor internal and third-party IT system data connections and integrations with Benchmark applications and workflows.

Ai Advisor

PSI AI Advisor: Artificial Intelligence

Our AI-powered solutions produce actionable insights and help companies identify and plan for risks.

Blue and Green Phone

Computer Vision

Utilize Artificial Intelligence and facility camera systems to monitor site operations and job tasks to identify risks and incidents for timely follow-up through Benchmark applications.

Green and Blue System Interoperability APIs

System Interoperability APIs

Establish direct, efficient and secure data connection between Benchmark applications and external IT systems based on industry standard Application Programming Interface (API) infrastracture.

See Our Materiality Advisor Solution in Action

Discover how easily you can identify your material EHS issues, rank and reevaluate ongoing needs, and engage teams to drive progress on your EHS goals.

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