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Comply with US EPA Regulations for CFC Emissions Reduction

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ODS Senitel

Ensure Compliance with CFC Emissions Regulations For Your Company-Wide Refrigerant Equipment

US EPA regulations dictate organizations and facilities with equipment containing a certain threshold of chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) refrigerants must maintain specific documentation and maintenance activities to prevent and correct potential leaks. Benchmark Gensuite’s refrigerant tracking software, ODS Sentinel, helps organizations track their CFC emissions compliance activities to comply with the US EPA’s latest regulations to the Clean Air Act 40 CFR 82, Subpart F, and the Montreal Protocol Guidelines.

Built using best practice workflows, ODS Sentinel empowers organizations to take control of their equipment inventory, manage leaks, and monitor equipment maintenance, ensuring site EHS teams can assign accountability and follow-up to employees to see repairs through.

ODS Sentinel Environmental Leader Award
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Why ODS Sentinel for Your Environmental & Permit Management Program?

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Meet Regulatory Obligations:

Manage equipment inventory for CFC-containing refrigeration equipment.

Automatically Perform Complex Calculations:

Perform leak tests with updated calculations to comply with EPA’s latest revisions to 40 CFR 82, Subpart F.

Drive Task Progress:

Track leak repairs to closure with integrated link inspection processes for event chain follow-up.

Track Employee Credentials:

Manage maintenance technicians based on necessary compliance certifications.

Report Effortlessly:

Generate comprehensive, real-time reports and charts, i.e., chronic leaker and event/equipment-specific metrics.

Learn how you can ensure environmental compliance with US EPA regulations using refrigerant tracking software.

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Features & Benefits

Standardize the Management and Monitoring of Refrigerant Usage for Compliance Improvements

Streamline Maintenance Tracking

Monitory equipment maintenance events for refrigerants from start to finish using a simplified digital tracking tool of extensions and off-ramp requests.

Increase Visibility of Compliance Tasks

Run status reports based on the status of maintenance events logged and completed and easily share with stakeholders.

Maintain Equipment Inspections

Seamlessly integrate with Benchmark Gensuite’s Inspection Tool application to ensure effective and compliant CFC equipment.

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