Audit Assistant Software

Streamline Audit Data Collection, Report Building, and Virtual Collaboration​

Audit Assistant

Improve In-The-Field Audits, Promote Collaboration with Other Auditors, and Report Observations with Audit Software

Identifying findings and publishing final audit reports are key starting points to ensure best practices in the workplace. However, auditors who rely only on manual techniques struggle to collaborate efficiently and ensure data completeness and accuracy throughout the auditing process.​

Audit Assistant is a streamlined digital audit software solution that enables auditors to utilise online, mobile, and batch load capabilities for real-time observation, data collection, and collaborative consolidation. Use your mobile device to capture photos and videos to submit alongside other findings, comments, and best practices, even if you’re offline in the field. Throughout the auditing process, you can review, edit, and update data across all platforms and devices for maximum efficiency and faster reporting so EHS leaders can quickly determine what actions to take.​

With the ability to export findings and corrective actions seamlessly to Action Tracking System and further integration with Reg Auditor to quickly pull regulatory content and citations from Benchmark Gensuite, Audit Assistant ensures your entire audit process is covered from start to finish!

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Why Audit Assistant for Your Audit & Inspection Management Program? ​

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Streamline Digital Collaboration:

Create individual audit rooms for each audit in your plan, configure details, and attach reference resources for all audit team members to access.​

At-A-Glance Transparency:

View progress on a centralised dashboard.​

Audit From Anywhere:

Update data and assign actions anytime, anywhere—across all devices—online or offline.​

Engage Team Members:

Collaborate with audit team members by entering, editing, and reviewing observation entries in real-time.​

Share Results & Drive Action:

Generate final audit reports to drive corrective actions to closure.​

Learn how you can simplify data management and improve audit productivity with audit management software.​

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Features & Benefits​

Transform Your Auditing Processes and Ensure Quality, Timely Reporting with Audit Software​

Improve In-The-Field Audits​

Enable auditors to quickly log audit findings and observations with or without internet connectivity and across any digital device.​

Easily Report on Data​

Compile, review, and revise audit details, and easily data mine findings to trend for systematic problems. ​

Collaborate to Engage Teams​

Establish a virtual audit room to collaborate with other auditors, consolidate observations, and assign responsibilities.​

Take Your Program to the Next Level with Advanced Tech & AI​

Our Audit & Inspection Management solutions seamlessly integrate with these AI and advanced technologies to increase your insights and maximise your impact.

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Benchmark Gensuite Mobile

Connect on the go for functionality and flexibility wherever work is— from the office to the field.

IoT & Wearables​

Integrate wearables and IoT tech & devices with the Benchmark Gensuite platform for environmental & safety monitoring.​

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U Connect​

Unparalleled real-time collaboration & connectivity at your fingertips to efficiently unify your workforce.​

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Complete Audit Lifecycle Management: Manage all aspects from scheduling and logging observations to tracking corrective actions.​

Collaboration Made Easy: Engage site, business, and corporate teams.​

Tailored Control: Create custom inspection checklists, tailored to your needs.​

Audit & Inspect from Anywhere: Conduct audits & inspections on-site and in the field with mobile.​

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