CSRD Requirements: What You Need to Know

Your response to EU sustainability reporting standards is business-critical. As enforcement nears, navigate the complex obligations with the help of Benchmark Gensuite.

Companies need to have a CSRD plan in place in 2024 so they are ready to report in 2025. The right solution is vital for your business to ensure compliance, manage risk, and safeguard its reputation. Explore our CSRD resources below or talk to us today. 

EU CSRD reporting requirements are changing the business landscape

Achieve ESG success in a data-driven world with Benchmark Gensuite.

Everything You Need to Know About CSRD

Get all the information you need on who has to comply and what you need to do to be ready.

Disclosure Obligations for Non-EU Companies

CSRD compliance also applies to non-EU companies. Learn if you are affected and what to do. 

The Technology to Solve Your CSRD Requirements

Generate new business value by following the EU Sustainability Reporting Standards. By marrying your sustainability data with our software and reporting, you can efficiently collect and leverage your sustainability KPIs. 

Essential Considerations for CSRD and ESG Reporting

Leading organizations are embracing evolving sustainability regulations. Understand CSRD requirements to be prepared.

Supporting you with ESRS and CSRD compliance at every step

With Benchmark Gensuite’s Disclosure Director companies benefit from:

  • Streamlined CSRD management 
  • Quick reporting that highlights ESG value across your organization 
  • Organized, accurate, and accessible data for reporting teams 
  • Straightforward ESRS compliance to prevent financial penalties 
  • Auditable, transparent, and verifiable data 
  • Reinforced C-Suite confidence in data-driven corporate citizenship 


Good business is better business

Streamline supplier data collection including full Scope 3 GHG emissions
Efficiently monitor supplier compliance and performance
Create reports instantly from a library of framework templates including CSRD+ESRS, GRI, ISSB, CDP, and more

The advice and help you need to be CSRD Ready​

Our ESG and disclosure experts will walk you through how we view your company's CSRD risk assessment and what your next steps should be.

Download Our Guide to CSRD

Download our comprehensive guide on the implications of CSRD for your business. Inside, you will learn how European Union member states are reacting, what the legislation looks like today and ways it may evolve, and how the arrival of CSRD enforcement stands to impact companies. 

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Everything You Need to Know About CSRD
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Our ESG and disclosure experts will walk you through how we view your company's CSRD risk assessment and what your next steps should be.​