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Benchmark Digital Partners on Pace for 300% Increase in European Subscribers in 2021 Amid Growing Demand for Digital ESG and EHS Solutions

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Cincinnati, OH, November 24, 2021—Benchmark Digital Partners, a cloud-based Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) software solutions provider, is on pace for a 300% increase in European subscribers in 2021 over 2020. The increase comes amid rapidly growing demand for digital ESG/EHS solutions in Europe, fueled by $12 trillion in ESG assets on the continent. Given this success, Benchmark Digital Partners will further expand its European operations in 2022, opening an office in Germany.

Benchmark Digital Partners’ European growth spans multiple functional areas, including expanded European subscriber deployment support, new business and subscriber development, and global product leadership. The rapid growth in subscribers is due to two factors. First, Benchmark Digital Partners’ European team has tripled in size in the last 18 months. Second, Europe is now a leader in the ESG and EHS markets given heightened pandemic-related health and safety concerns and a growing push toward improving ESG program management and overall sustainability of business operations. According to the Verdantix Market Size and Forecast: EHS Software 2020-2026 (Global) February 2021 report, “Europe is the second largest buyer of EHS software and will account for 26% of the global EHS software market size in 2021.”

“Our growth in the European market reflects our efforts to provide the perfect product-market fit,” said R Mukund, CEO and Founder of Benchmark Digital. “Investors and companies alike need investment-grade data to focus resources on initiatives that improve employee safety, limit emissions and, ultimately, deliver tangible results. European ESG funds are leading the way in demanding such results and using investment-grade data to create a culture of sustainability across companies large and small; we are thrilled we can serve these customers directly, with local European teams. We are grateful to our European subscribers and will seek to provide them with continuously improving tools and services.”

As EHS and ESG initiatives continue to be a top priority for organizations globally, Benchmark Digital Partners is positioning itself to serve new and existing users in the areas they live and operate. Recognized as a leading provider of digital ESG reporting, operational risk + compliance, sustainability, and stewardship solutions, Benchmark Digital Partners opened a new European service hub in Slovakia in 2021, adding to the existing team members available to serve customers locally in the UK, France, and Barcelona.

Benchmark Digital Partners’ new Germany office will support the needs of subscribers in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany. This continued expansion will enable Benchmark Digital Partners to not only better serve customers with faster and more personalized support, but also invest in developing more extensive functionality to align users with European safety and assessment criteria.

“Europe is an important cornerstone in our business, and we are grateful for the continuing support from our strong user champions in the region,” said Daniel Kuschel, Managing Director, Europe Operations & Development for Benchmark Digital. “With our outstanding culture of innovation, we have the right foundation to continue to grow successfully in the region. The ongoing expansion in customer satisfaction, process management efficiency, and our subscriber base in Europe in recent years are driven by the collaborative, subscriber-centric approach that distinguishes us in the marketplace. Our European team and I appreciate the opportunity and look forward to serving our customers far into the future.”

Recognized as one of the fastest growing private companies in America two years in a row by Inc. 5000, Benchmark continues to rapidly expand its global footprint. To learn more about Benchmark ESG™ digital transformation solutions, visit

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