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Benchmark Digital and Proxxi Partner to Protect Employees with Wearable Workplace Safety Technology 

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Cincinnati, OH, October 4, 2022 – Benchmark Digital Partners, a leading cloud-based Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) software solutions provider, is excited to announce its partnership with Proxxi, a Vancouver-based provider of wearable workplace safety technology to protect employees and businesses.

Proxxi’s voltage-sensing wristband helps prevent injury and death by alerting workers to unexpected risk. This shared mission of maintaining a safe, secure workforce makes Proxxi and Benchmark ESG natural partners.

When users when they are in the proximity of dangerous electrical currents, wearable Proxxi technology implemented into the Benchmark platform issues an alert and automatically logs concern reports based on risk data and notifies key stakeholders for timely investigation and/or remediation.

Chris McKee, Americas EHS Manager – Renewables – Wind of FieldCore spoke about his company’s experience utilizing Proxxi Voltage wristband earlier this year at the 2022 Benchmark ESG Impact Conference. “We’ve had tremendous feedback from our technicians, and that’s what really sold us on the tech,” Chris said. “It makes them feel like there’s someone there helping them look out for electrical hazards. The implementation is what’s key and I want to thank Benchmark and Proxxi for pushing us to do this.”

“We are excited about the opportunity to protect more field service workers and to ensure the safe growth of renewable energy resources,” added Campbell Macdonald, CEO of Proxxi. “The data insights generated by workers and teams from FieldCore is helping us to identify risk before injuries occur.”

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