Establishing a Scope 3 Data Collection Strategy

The quest for more accurate Scope 3 GHG Emissions data is more important than ever with the changing regulatory and climate-action landscapes. However, Scope 3 data collection continues to be a challenge for organizations, despite making up the bulk of most companies’ GHG inventory. The CDP plays an important role in helping companies collect and disclose Scope 3 data, as does a comprehensive, integrated digital management system.

During this workshop we discuss:
CDP insights on the latest climate challenges and the imperative for more accurate Scope 3 reporting
Best practices on how to take a differentiated approach to Scope 3 data collection and move up the Scope 3 maturity curve
Lessons learned from real-life Scope 3 programs
The importance of technology in facilitating accurate Scope 3 data collection and how Benchmark Gensuite’s digital solutions can help

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