Elevate Your Sustainability Performance

Net Zero strategies are critical for mitigating climate-related risk, identifying climate-related opportunities, and demonstrating quality governance in frameworks such as the TCFD and CDP Climate Change disclosures. Determining long-term and near-term emission reduction targets, identifying key projects in your abatement plan, and tracking progress over time will strengthen your sustainability strategy and improve your broader ESG performance.

Operationalize a Net Zero Strategy with Benchmark Gensuite’s Sustainability Solution

Benchmark Gensuite’s solutions offer a clear roadmap for Net Zero target setting and strategy execution. Our solutions align with industry best practices and standards such as the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). Learn about our four-step strategy to help your company deliver on your Net Zero plan:

Establish a Baseline of GHG Emissions

Benchmark Gensuite Sustainability Reporting  

  • Manage a comprehensive GHG Inventory across Scopes 1, 2, and 3 
  • Project a “Business as Usual” scenario using current emission trajectory 
  • Automate data collection & validation, eliminating burden from site teams 

Set Targets

Benchmark Gensuite Goal Manager 

  • Simplify target setting at the enterprise and site level with an integrated interface 
  • Establish year-over-year reduction targets for long-term and near-term goals 

Create a Net Zero | Decarbonization Plan

Benchmark Gensuite Sustainability Prospector, Sustainability Projects, and Credit Manager 

  • Identify & evaluate potential emission reduction projects with estimated costs and benefits potential 
  • Build your near-term reduction strategy by comparing projects based on greatest emissions abatement for the lowest cost 
  • Allocate carbon credits to offset residual emissions 

Track, Disclose, & Communicate Progress

Benchmark Gensuite Dashboards & Analytics 

  • Track actual emission reductions associated with individual emission reduction projects and visualize progress towards goals 
  • Update year-over-year reductions needed to hit targets over time 
  • Streamline rollup and stakeholder engagement & communication 


Identify Emission Reduction Opportunities & Plan for Net Zero Targets

In the final session of the Benchmark sustainability webinar series, we will examine how a digital management solution can help you identify opportunities for emissions reductions and uncover potential savings—driving employee engagement in sustainability initiatives and leading to real sustainability improvements.

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Check Out Additional Resources

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