Multinational Electronics Producer Simplifies Supplier Risk Management and Increases Compliance Efficiency by 70-80%

[Company] Aligns 200 Manufacturing Facilities in 40 Countries to Streamline and Strengthen Compliance Across 28,000+ Global Suppliers


Global business units coordinating their compliance efforts


Global refiners of concern flagged for heightened due diligence


Increased efficiency in compliance with U.S. SEC Conflict Minerals Disclosure

The Challenge: Ensuring Responsible Conflict Minerals Sourcing Across a Global Supply Chain

Like many companies operating globally, [Company] struggled with day-to-day supply chain management to ensure responsible sourcing of conflict minerals. Complying with regulations such as the U.S. SEC Conflict Minerals Disclosure as well as company stakeholders’ social and governance priorities involved multiple layers of ongoing activity, from engaging thousands of suppliers and completing due diligence to tracking smelters, refiners, and other entities around the world.

Complicating [Company]’s efforts to manage risk and compliance across its supply chain:

  • Each of its 200 manufacturing facilities operate autonomously.
  • Supplier risk criteria were not standardized.
  • Supplier communication efforts were not consolidated.
  • Supplier data was not centralized.
  • Visibility into supplier code of conduct, compliance, and risks was limited.

The Solution: Leading-Edge Technology & Expert Guidance

Product Steward and Supplier Portal from Benchmark Gensuite®

Implementing Benchmark’s award-winning supply chain management tools enabled [Company] to

Digitally track and document product compliance across global regulatory standards
Automate compliance determinations for timely, effective risk mitigation
Standardize and streamline supplier engagement for product and chemical details
Modern Slavery/Anti-Human Trafficking Reporting Model from Levin Sources

[Company] leveraged our partner, Levin Sources, a global supplier risk management consultancy with expertise in over 130 minerals and metals, to provide:

Risk assessments on ineligible and nonconforming refiners identified through the Benchmark Gensuite solutions;
Due diligence based on tested methodologies, thorough investigation, and regulatory compliance requirements; and
Recommendations using a risk-scoring methodology with numerical values, including a narrative report on steps to strengthen due diligence within the company’s refiners and smelters.

Building on Success Through a Growing Partnership

Based on the success of this project, [Company] is expanding its work with Benchmark Gensuite and Levin Sources to ensure compliance with the German Supply Chain Act. This collaborative effort will involve:

  • Collecting new data sets from suppliers using new supplier questionnaires/surveys within the Benchmark Gensuite platform
  • Working with Levin Sources for a comprehensive look at the policies, procedures, and programs related to global human rights and the supplier code of conduct; and
  • Developing a guidance document that outlines how the organization’s global business units can meet forthcoming regulatory due diligence requirements.
Spotlight on Levin Sources, a Benchmark Gensuite Partner

Levin Sources is a global B Corp-certified consultancy that:

  • Enables governments, businesses, investors, and civil society to build sustainable, valuable, and equitable minerals value chains in line with major voluntary and mandatory ESG standards.
  • Provides expertise with 130+ minerals and metals.
  • Executes projects in over 90 countries and regions around the world.

Need a Better Way to Minimize Supply Chain Risks?

Empower teams across the enterprise to enhance product stewardship and maintain a healthy supply chain with these Benchmark Gensuite Stewardship tools, part of our unified digital platform.


Ensure Compliance with Global Standards

Monitor changing global product regulations and streamline due diligence.


Streamline Supplier Engagement & Auditing

Centralize data, simplify risk assessments, view real-time supplier status, and more.


Keep Pace with Regulatory Changes

Receive customized updates and share critical information easily, enterprise wide.

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