Big Environmental, Health,
& Safety (EHS)
Big Environmental, Social,
Governance (ESG)
Big Sustainability

Challenges Need A Bold Partner

EHS & Sustainability leaders need more than technology you need real partnership.

With Benchmark Gensuite, you get more than field-tested tools, incredible data agility, and workflows co-developed by your peers. You get a mission-aligned team behind you with experience navigating complex compliance and reporting requirements for leading brands across the globe.

Achieve Real Results

Representative stats from real subscribers within first year of launch.

Reduced Workers Comp Costs


Increase in Employee Engagement (Hazards Reported)


Improvement in Safety Metrics


Increase in Disclosure Compliance Efficiency


Metric tons of market-based scope 2 CO2 emissions reduced

Run Your Program. Not Your Software.

Unified. Seamless.

Unified. Seamless.

100% On-Time Launch. Deploys in Less Than 3 months.

You're tired of siloed systems for EHS & Sustainability management that fail to deliver.
You need tools that work together, talk to each other, and offer you crystal clarity. The Benchmark Gensuite platform offers unrivaled seamlessness, across more tools than any other vendor, and a combination of smart features you’ll find nowhere else.

Protect your workforce and manage incidents, inspections, hazards, chemical safety, training, permits, and processes.

Advance your sustainability performance, assess climate risks, and report on improvements. ​

Ensure investment grade data, meet regulatory mandates, and reach your ESG targets.

Manage key quality programs, audits, inspections, and CAPA tracking to meet customer and compliance standards.​

Spot potentially serious incidents, surface risks, dissect large data sets, and automate tedious tasks with generative AI.

Mitigate equipment risks and boost site security, safety, and compliance.

Comply with product regulatory and responsible sourcing requirements and maintain supply chain continuity.​

Protect your reputation and prevent business disruptions with global supply chain management.​

"The Benchmark Team is really unique. I feel very heard. You are really listening to us and actually coming back with solutions"
Sandra Neale
Global EHS Leader
"How seamlessly the programs work together is the best part about using Benchmark Gensuite. Using the apps, you can see this one ties to this and you can pull this information from there. They're all seamlessly intertwined."
Chris Masters
Director, Global EHS
"ESG considerations enhance our company by reducing investor risk and enhancing value. It creates a greater level of resilience and output so we can outperform our competitors."
Herman Baker
Global EHS & Sustainability Director

Future-Proof Platform

Practical Al Solutions

Put a co-pilot, data scientist, and personal assistant at the side of your teams.
Join thousands of organizations using our practical AI tools today to make work easier for employees of all roles.

A Mobile App Built for the Field

Access our complete solution wherever the work takes you.
With Benchmark Gensuite in the hands of your teams, every worker at every level can play an active role in improving safety.

Transform Data into Decisions

Roll up and trend on data from all areas of your programs with the only system that can truly connect all the dots.
Spot areas that need attention, make connections, and act with confidence.

Serving a Global Community of EHS & Sustainability Leaders

Benchmark Gensuite supports organizations of all shapes and sizes—from Fortune 500 to local businesses. Our subscribers turn to us because we’re a company of doers, practitioners, and industry guides. No other provider can integrate emerging best practices and new technology faster, or launch responsive solutions to pressing challenges.


of the Fortune 500


industry sectors


languages for 150 countries


users around the world


years of proven success

Get the Best. Join the Best. Evolve with the Best.

Our future-proof platform is continuously evolved by our subscriber community, and radically different: no versions, no custom builds, no straitjackets.


Subscriber Community

Benchmark Gensuite is more than software, it's a global community of EHS, Sustainability, and ESG leaders. There’s nothing like it, and it is your biggest advantage. We work with the world’s largest, most innovative, cross-discipline corporate practices—period.


Field Tested

Peer-developed workflows. Incorporation of best practices. Evolved over time to match the most challenging requirements of high-complexity operations. Forged through pilot programs. Subscriber-led co-innovations that drives enhancements.



Designed for mobile-first engagement for the frontline workforce, the platform centralizes different data streams & reporting, creating real-time, actionable business intelligence for the entire operation, strengthening command of critical objectives.

Heritage Of Innovation

With over 25 years of EHS and Sustainability partnership and community innovation, our story—and our platform—continue to evolve. Your Benchmark Gensuite platform delivers over 100 product upgrades and feature enhancements annually, along with dozens of co-innovations that create value for the entire subscriber community.
2012 - 2016
Early Adopters

Integration of Internet-of-Things (IoT), Data Analytics, Virtual Assistants for EHS, and the launch of Idea Exchange, a platform to foster collaborative innovation within the Gensuite user community.


2018 - 2019
Leading Smart Tech Integrations

Gensuite establishes itself as a leader in smart technologies for EHS compliance, risk management systems, and analytics, notably launching Genny the Virtual Assistant and Gensuite Analytics with Tableau.
Integrate with the Best

Tackling Global Challenges

The Benchmark suite is introduced reflecting a commitment to high standards or “Benchmarks” in Sustainability, ESG Disclosure Reporting, and Advanced Technology enabling solutions. The expanded solutions suite achieves market recognition with a second consecutive placement on the Inc 5000 list.

How Changemakers Make Change

2022 - 2023
Benchmark Gensuite

The Gensuite and Benchmark applications suites are unified as Benchmark Gensuite, offering an unrivaled, comprehensive suite of solutions for EHS, Sustainability, ESG Disclosure Reporting, Quality & Operational Risk, and Product Stewardship. This year also sees Genny, the virtual assistant, enhanced with GPT-4 technology, creating a new standard in AI-powered assistance with Genny GPT.

Practical AI for EHS

Power in Our Partners

Benchmark Gensuite brings the best of the industry together. Our platform integrates with award-winning EHS and sustainability technology provided by leaders in computer vision, AI, motion capture, wearable devices, and machine learning. We’re proud to work with technology partners that share our vision of equipping subscribers with innovative solutions that work for real people.

Tap Into Our Network

Certifications, Accreditations, and Memberships

We’re proud to be certified, accredited providers, and members of global frameworks and standard organizations.