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Experts Discuss Global ESG Landscape as Benchmark ESG Convenes Leaders for Regional Customer Conferences in Europe and Canada

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Experts Discuss Global ESG Landscape as Benchmark ESG Convenes Leaders for Regional Customer Conferences in Europe and Canada

CANADA AND DUBLIN – Following on the heels of a successful 2022 customer conference in Orlando, FL earlier this year, Benchmark ESG, a leading provider of cloud-based Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) software solutions, recently gathered global ESG experts and industry practitioners for regional Impact 2022 Conferences in Europe and Canada. At both of these international gatherings, Benchmark’s guests and attendees shared best practices for enterprise ESG performance measurement, management, and reporting; underscored the continued relevance of digitally enabled risk and compliance management processes; and discussed how companies can leverage investment-grade ESG data to navigate their respective ESG disclosure landscapes with confidence.

Similar to Benchmark’s premier customer conference in Orlando, the focal points of the 2022 European Regional Conference—Benchmark’s largest overseas gathering this year—were sustainability strategy making, ESG data management, and digital risk and compliance solutions implementation, underpinning components of impactful, resilient, and financially advantageous ESG programs.

“With an eye to the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and other elements of the European sustainable finance regulatory framework, companies here are facing an enormous, and daunting compliance burden,” observed Peter Walsh, Director of ESG Market Strategy and Partnerships. “But, if guided by a comprehensive strategy and equipped with a robust arsenal of cloud-supported digital technologies, it’s far from insurmountable. On the contrary, investment-grade [ESG] data enables seamless [regulatory] compliance in a manner that delivers continuous bottom-line results.”

As European companies build out their ESG programs in anticipation of more exacting disclosure requirements, it is critical they supplement risk and compliance management capabilities. Failing to address and anticipate ESG-related issues in a timely fashion potentiates a range of adverse risks, compounding the need for organizations to implement systems capable of collecting, analyzing, and deriving operational insights from investment-grade ESG performance data.

While Canada does not yet have specific ESG disclosure mandates for public companies, the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions’s (OSFI) recent announcement that it will require federally regulated financial institutions to publish climate disclosures aligned with Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) framework beginning in 2024 suggests that will soon change.

Against this backdrop, the 2022 Canadian Regional Conference left attendees with actionable takeaways regarding sustainability & ESG trends, and delineated where Benchmark’s solutions suite can help them prepare to comply with future requirements.

“The incentives and, increasingly, the requirements for companies to execute ‘investment grade’ ESG disclosures know no borders,” said Laura Fiume, Benchmark Senior Director, Strategic Growth & Development.. “From China and Canada to the US and EU, there’s clear momentum, and companies cannot neglect either the punitive or opportunity costs of non-compliance.”

“Benchmark’s regional conferences continue to underscore the importance of clear and streamlined ESG program management, regardless of an organization’s geographic location. While countries around the world are at different stages in regulating corporate ESG disclosures, Benchmark ESG remains committed to helping our subscribers achieve maximum operational, financial, and sustainability performance outcomes” said Benchmark ESG founder and CEO, R Mukund. “After all, stakeholders and investors alike, regardless of where they live and work, will benefit from actionable and accurate data that can be collected with Benchmark’s tools.”

All of the information above remains only a piece of what is covered during Benchmark ESG events. To continue the conversation, Benchmark encourages interested parties to join the Benchmark-moderated ESG Executive Collaboration Forum LinkedIn group, and register for upcoming regional conferences, webinars, and other events here.

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