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Benchmark Med Care®: OHS Software

Simplify medical clinic record keeping, collaboration, treatment, and worker care follow-up with OHS Software

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A fit-for-purpose solution integrating occupational health and medical/clinic recordkeeping with your safety management programs

Benchmark Digital Med Care® fit-for-purpose software—backed by 20+ years of experience—makes collaboration between Medical and EHS teams easy. With a comprehensive and integrated solution like Med Care, you can reduce duplicative communications and data entry while maintaining HIPAA and GDPR compliance, regardless of the size and distribution of medical teams across your organization. Simplify medical recordkeeping, treatment plans and follow-up, including employee Covid-19 vaccination and test status by site, with a complete ready-to-launch digital solution.

OHS software creates a centralized, intuitive, and simplified learning management dashboard. With OHS Software, you can create a standardized framework for managing regulatory-required and program-specific training requirements within your organization—with real-time visibility into training and qualification status. OHS Software makes it easy to access third-party online content, internally developed resources, and in-person classroom training materials and assign those trainings to a single individual or an entire department.

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Easily Integrate & Simplify Your Employee Occupational Health & Safety Programs with Benchmarks OHS Software

Centralize data recording to effectively manage worker care and treatment across the enterprise, with increased collaboration, clinic scheduling, and follow-up functionality​
Integrate with occupational health, medical, and Workers’ Compensation systems for comprehensive case tracking and program visibility
Streamline Covid-19 test and vaccination recordkeeping with a dashboard view of employee vaccination and test status and a built-in library of standard Analytics | Tableau reports
Identify and visualize trends to mitigate medical, health, safety and operational concerns​ while ensuring data security, patient confidentiality, and GDPR and HIPPA compliance with user access controls

Awards and Recognition

Benchmark is honored to have received accolades and many industry awards for helping our subscribers reach EHS & ESG success.

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Tate & Lyle

"We’ve had things like bird flu and MERS, but this has really shown what the EHS team can do to help them in their lives. No one knew how to spell PPE back before the pandemic: it has really raised the alertness of EHS. It has raised the importance of having EHS and crisis management in the executive team."

– George Kalfayan, Global Senior EHS Manager at Cytiva

Keep Your Cross-Functional Teams Informed & Protected with the Benchmark Med Care OHS Software

With Benchmark Digital OHS Software discover an integrated and simplified occupational health tracking solution that enables medical, health & safety, and risk management leaders to securely track clinic visits, medical surveillance, incident reporting, COVID-19 vaccination and testing status, and return to work, with capabilities to integrate with Workers’ Compensation and claims tracking solutions.​

“A gap in a lot of corporations is that there are different systems that companies are using that don’t speak together. The best practice and ultimate goal in any software platform is to have that consistent communication between medical, health & safety, risk management, leadership teams and whoever needs to be involved in the corporation for injury awareness and data reporting.” 

– Benchmark Partner & Independent Medical Consultant

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