Med Care OHS Software

Simplify Medical Clinic Recordkeeping, Collaboration, Treatment, and Worker Care Follow-up


Create an Integrated Occupational Health, Medical/Clinic Recordkeeping, and Safety Management Program

Interdepartmental communication, medical record keeping, and follow-up can present significant challenges for Occupational Health, Medical, EHS, and other leaders. Managing data between systems used by clinical staff and those used by other functional teams can make the process painfully complex.

Benchmark Gensuite’s fit-for-purpose OHS software, Med Care, makes collaboration between Medical and EHS teams easy. With this comprehensive and integrated solution, you can reduce duplicative communications and data entry while maintaining HIPAA and GDPR compliance, regardless of the size and distribution of medical teams across your organization. Simplify medical recordkeeping, treatment plans, and follow-up, including employee Covid-19 vaccination and test status by site, with a complete, ready-to-launch digital solution.

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Why Med Care for Your Occupational Health & Industrial Hygiene Program?

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Increase Transparency:

Centralize data recording to manage worker care and treatment across the enterprise effectively with increased collaboration, clinic scheduling, and follow-up functionality.

Ensure Compliance:

Ensure data security, patient confidentiality, and GDPR and HIPPA compliance with user access controls.

Easily Share Data:

Integrate with occupational health, medical, and Workers’ Compensation systems for comprehensive case tracking and program visibility.

Simplify Recordkeeping:

Streamline illness testing and vaccination recordkeeping (Covid-19, flu, etc.) with a dashboard of employee vaccination and test status and a built-in library of OHS program forms.

Analyze Health Trends:

Identify and visualize trends to mitigate medical, health, safety, and operational concerns.

Learn how you can easily integrate and simplify your employee occupational health and safety programs.

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Features & Benefits​

Keep Your Cross-Functional Teams Informed & Protected with Med Care OHS Software

Integrated Occupational Health Tracking

Securely track clinic visits, medical surveillance, incident reporting, Covid-19 vaccination and testing, and return to work.

Gain Comprehensive Medical Oversight

Maintain a single health record repository of employee condition and care to reduce incidents and absences and improve health and wellness.

Identify & Visualize Trends

View personalized reporting dashboards and enhanced data visualizations to mitigate medical, health, safety, and operational concerns.

Take Your Program to the Next Level with IoT and AI Integrations

Revolutionize your Occupational Health, Ergonomics, & Industrial Hygiene program with the help of advanced IoT & Ergonomics technology from our partners. Leverage leading-edge solutions to foster safer operations & worksites through unparalleled connectivity & visibility!
Heat Stress Prevention Wearable Tech

Real-time alerting capabilities specific to heat stress and overexertion supported by Benchmark Gensuite’s award-winning automated data management and reporting

Ergonomics-Focused Wearable Tech

Ensure a protected & productive workforce with real-time, constant monitoring of ergonomic risks integrated into Benchmark Gensuite’s robust data management and analytics platform

Ergonomics AI Assessment 360º Vision Tech

Leverage the power of sentinel AI technology to monitor on-site safety conditions in real-time and safeguard workers’ ergonomic health through Benchmark Gensuite’s 360 Vision AI integrations into workflow applications

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Standardize Employee Occupational Health Data: Integrate case management with injury & illness data.

Increase Visibility to Worker Care: Manage employee clinic visits and share robust reporting.

Holistic Employee Health Management: Track, monitor, and analyze employee health.

Mitigate Health & Safety Risks: Complete corrective actions, root cause analysis, and more.