Initial Injury Reports Software

Log reported injuries and illnesses for follow-up investigation ​

Initial Injury Reports (1)

Track Incidents from Occurrence to Closure and Analyze the Root Cause to Reduce Workplace Accidents and Injuries​

Incidents and injuries are costly occurrences both to the health and safety of employees and to an organization’s bottom line. Injury reporting software helps teams protect these valuable assets by tracking injury and illness rates and analyzing them based on country or regional standards. ​ ​

Benchmark Gensuite’s Initial Injury Reports (IIR) Software enables users to log initial data related to injuries and illnesses and immediately notify supervisors and designated site injury illness leads for expedited follow-up. With available software configurations that allow EHS professionals to escalate injury or illness cases, include photos or videos with reports, and explore multilingual interfaces to deploy across global sites, teams have the tools they need to track and analyze incidents to mitigate future occurrences.

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Why Initial Injury Reports for Your Incident Management Program? ​

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Drive Accountability:

Engage supervisors and medical staff in injury and illness reporting and investigation.​

Notify Teams Automatically:

Notify site EHS teams of initial injury and illness reports.​

Ensure Proper Documentation:

Allow site EHS teams to make a recordability determination and export for additional follow-up.​

Analyze Data:

Identify and track both contractor and employee injury and illnesses and incident severity (case extent) with the opportunity to complete case-specific root cause analysis.​

Build a Historical Record:

Maintain a repository of non-work related injuries and illnesses reported to the site.​

Learn how you can simplify your initial injury and illness reporting process to capture complete and accurate incident details. ​

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Features & Benefits​

Create Transparency Into Injury and Illness Occurrences​

Empower and Engage Teams​

Enable supervisors, first aid responders, or clinic staff to log initial data related to injury or illness cases—no recordability determination required.​

Expedite Injury/Illness Investigation​

Immediately notify site teams of injuries and illnesses once data is logged and initiate an incident investigation and root cause analysis.​

Capture Complete Incident Details​

Upload file attachments, including photos, videos, clinic documentation, and more to provide complete case details.​

Take Your Program to the Next Level with Advanced Tech & AI

Our Incident Management solutions seamlessly integrate with these AI and advanced technologies to increase your insights and maximize your impact.
PSI AI Advisor™​

Automatically identify potentially serious incidents (PSIs) to provide clear, actionable insights for incident risk reduction. ​

Describe-It AI Advisor™​

Receive real-time guidance when inputting incident descriptions to improve data quality.​

Executive AI Advisor​

Continuously monitor data streams to flag potentially serious occurrences & key risk precursors for unparalleled risk mitigation.​

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