GHG Scope 3 Solutions

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Air Emissions Management Doesn't
Need To Be Complicated

Global reporting obligations for Scope 3 air emissions management, including the U.S. SEC Climate Disclosure Rule, TCFD-aligned mandatory disclosures in the UK and stakeholder groups are driving organizations to establish Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions inventories up and down the company’s value chain.

Benchmark Gensuite® can simplify and automate Scope 3 emissions reporting:

Screen and identify your organization’s relevant Scope 3 reporting categories (e.g., business travel, purchased goods)
Collect raw data across various sites and organizational structures. Apply global emission factor standards to calculate emissions
Automate supplier outreach and data collection. Allocate supplier data to replace estimates for more accurate Scope 3 reporting

Aggregate, analyze and report to stakeholder groups and reporting frameworks (TCFD, SASB, GRI, etc.) through Benchmark’s award-winning Disclosure Director™ solution

Ensure You’re Prepared for Scope 3 Emissions Reporting

The trend toward mandatory reporting is accelerating, with Scope 3 emissions currently included under the proposed U.S. SEC Climate Disclosure Rule. Are you ready to tackle Scope 3?

Gartner® Video: How Do I Tackle “Scope 3” Greenhouse Gas Emissions in My Supply Chain?

Chief supply chain officers are increasingly expected to manage the sustainability and greenhouse gas emissions of their supply chains. This video provides an introduction to greenhouse gas emissions accounting, what we mean by “Scope 3,” and why it matters.

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