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Benchmark ESG™ Releases First Artificial Intelligence-Powered Solution to Help Prevent Serious Injuries and Fatalities (SIFs)

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CINCINNATI, Ohio – Benchmark ESG™ | Gensuite® and Bowers Management Analytics (BMA) release pSIF AI Advisor™ – the first-to-market solution to accurately determine underlying and hidden risk factors that lead to serious injuries and fatalities (SIFs) in the workplace. The new service-solution offering uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to accelerate identification of trends related to SIFs, providing safety leaders with insights into SIF prevention.

A pSIF (potentially serious injury & fatality) is a scenario, situation, or activity that tends to precede or accompany an occupational injury or illness that had, or reasonably could have had, life–threatening or life–altering consequences. The pSIF AI Advisor™ powered by BMA learns and accurately identifies similar events by using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms in conjunction with injuries, events, concerns, and observations logged in Benchmark ESG™ | Gensuite® applications. Organizations quickly uncover real-time insights to risks previously not identified and bring priority focus to tasks that have the greatest potential consequences.

The pSIF AI Advisor™ includes a mechanism for collecting user–provided feedback with the goal of making pSIF identification more accurate. In partnership with BMA, Benchmark ESG™ has integrated the pSIF AI Advisor™ into its industry-leading ESG solution platform to enable real-time insights into pSIFs and high-risk incident types.

The solution processes local language case, event, concern and observation descriptions and quickly translates them for a more comprehensive and globally applicable analysis by providing High-Risk Activity, Probability, Occurrence Factor, and a similar fatality report from a knowledge base of more than 10,000 publicly available fatality records.

“This new solution will provide a ground-breaking dimension within our platform where we can provide our subscribers with powerful insights to underlying risks within their operations in support of serious injury and fatality prevention,” remarks Natasha Porter, Benchmark Digital Partners’ Chief Customer Officer.

In the fall of 2020, Benchmark ESG™ and BMA concluded its first pilots that tested the accuracy and reliability of the AI technologies. Data sets provided by subscribers spanned the years 2015–2020 and included more than 3,200 total injury and illness (I&I) cases.

Results of the pilots conducted revealed that the pSIF AI Advisor™ is not only quicker but is far more accurate at correctly identifying pSIFs than the manual user identification process. The Benchmark (formerly Gensuite) team found that the AI correctly identified a pSIF 82 percent of the time. In comparison, manually identified pSIF’s were correct only 11 percent of the time, while cases were incorrectly labeled as pSIF’s 89 percent of the time.

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