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Benchmark Digital Partners and Interaptix Partner to Enhance Remote Audits and Inspections Using Augmented Reality Technology

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Cincinnati, OH, August 17, 2022- Benchmark Digital Partners, a leading cloud-based Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) software solutions provider, is excited to announce its partnership with Interaptix, an Augmented Reality (AR) software company from Toronto, to support organizations conducting remote audits and inspections.  

The upcoming integration of Interaptix’s AR and Digital Twin capabilities within Benchmark’s advanced audit and compliance assurance solutions gives subscribers the power to build real-time 3D model —i.e., digital depictions of physical space or facility area —to collect observational evidence during remote and virtual audits and inspections. These capabilities also enable subscribers to increase the efficiency of their audits by trimming down audit statements recorded within the Benchmark ESG® platform to only those that require observational evidence.  

“We are excited to partner with Benchmark to bring new innovations and disruptive technologies to the EHS industry.  Integrating our advanced computer vision and AR technologies with Benchmark’s leading ESG software solutions will make it easier for auditors and EHS practitioners to create a safe and productive work environment while significantly reducing the need for travel.”, said Bardia Bina, CEO of Interaptix Inc. 

The partnership between Benchmark and Interaptix underlines the importance of artificial intelligence (AI) integrations to enhance audit operations and avoid potentially serious injuries and fatalities.  While Benchmark’s industry-leading offerings give clients the advantage of modern digital solutions, user-friendly interfaces, and customizable workflows, Interaptix’s deep background in Augmented Reality and mobile application will allow Benchmark subscribers to significantly accelerate and increase workplace safety, compliance, and data reporting.  

“Partnering with Interaptix, we are excited about the new opportunities our subscribers will have for their increasingly virtual audit and inspection practices,” says Wei Jenny Yu, Associate Director of Subscriber Services at Benchmark ESG.  “As we continue to build out our advanced technology offerings, partnerships with industry leaders like Interaptix are invaluable to our users who can not only benefit from the technology offered, but also the expertise their team provides.” 

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About Interaptix  

Interaptix is a technology company founded in 2013 with a mission to build digital tools that improve safety and productivity in the industrial enterprise.  Interaptix’s flagship software platform, AptixAR, is a cloud-based SaaS application for remote expertise. Leveraging Augmented Reality and Digital Twins, AptixAR enables spatial knowledge capture and sharing for audits, training, inspection, and maintenance applications.  We have a dedicated track record of creating innovative software solutions that leverage cutting edge technology to improve operator perception and performance in complex and remote work environments.   

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