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Analytics and Reporting Tools for Cross-Functional Leaders​

Instant Insights

Quickly Create, Save, and Schedule Personalized Dashboards with Best Practice Charting and Reporting Components​

To effectively drive performance excellence, identify opportunities for improvement, and gain insights into trends, it’s critical to equip your EHS, quality, security, sustainability, and compliance leaders with comprehensive analytics and reporting tools.​

Instant Insights reporting software provides a cohesive and intuitive compilation of at-a-glance dashboards integrated across all your Benchmark Gensuite applications. Using custom layout options, you can easily create, save, and schedule personalized reporting and trending dashboards by user and by organization scope. You’ll also be able to monitor open and pending actions across applications and conduct multi-variable drill-down analysis of leading & lagging indicators.

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Why Instant Insights for Your Analytics and Reporting Program? ​

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Personalize Your Insights:

Create personalized dashboards for yourself and/or on behalf of other leadership team members.​

Communicate Performance:

Set up automatic, reoccurring email notifications to communicate performance on an ad-hoc or scheduled basis—and select which team members receive them.​

Easily Update Dashboards:

Select from a vast repository of out-of-the-box Instant Insight components to create dashboards on the fly and quickly change the component outputs to meet your organizational needs.​

Oversee Sites or Enterprises:

View insights from a department, site, or enterprise level with one simple click to change the scope.​

Gain Transparency:

Drill down your report by geographic and operational reporting structures; access KPIs, metrics, and trends for real-time program performance.​

Learn how you can get personalized views and insights quickly and easily with analytics reporting tools.

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Features & Benefits​

Understand Site Operational Performance At-A-Glance with an Industry-Leading Insights Platform

Consolidate Data for Insights​

Centralize business and site-specific reports to get a complete look at your operational overall.​

Monitor Performance in Real-Time​

Trend real-time program performance with snapshots for business process instant insights and communicate to all levels of the organization.​

See a Comprehensive View of Actions​

Monitor open and pending actions across your Benchmark Gensuite applications with real-time status visuals and color coding.​

Take Your Program to the Next Level with Advanced Tech & AI​

Our Analytics and Reporting solutions seamlessly integrate with these AI and advanced technologies to increase your insights and maximize your impact.
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Benchmark Gensuite Mobile

Connect on the go for functionality and flexibility wherever work is— from the office to the field.

DXP | Data Integrator​

Seamlessly integrate, transform, and publish data across your organization & Benchmark Gensuite solutions.​

Genny® ​

Unparalleled real-time collaboration & connectivity at your fingertips to efficiently unify your workforce.​

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Enhance Your Programs: Use your solutions on the go with Mobile and simplify your access with Genny®, your dedicated virtual assistant.​

Streamline Processes: Seamlessly integrate, transform, & publish data across your organization.​

Boost Efficiencies: Tie in IoT & wearable devices for advanced environmental and safety monitoring.​

Magnify Impact: Uncover deeper key operational insights with AI-powered solutions.​

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