Transform Your Incident Management Program with Digitalization and the Power of AI

With the International Labour Conference (ILC)’s decision to include a safe and healthy working environment in its Framework of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work (FPRW) and globally reaffirming the importance of safety and health at work, governments, employers, and workers across the Asia Pacific are now actively increasing their efforts to prevent accidents at work and effectively respond to emergencies! However, organizations that are using manual or spreadsheet-based methods may lack a standardized approach to incident reporting and investigation, finding it difficult to strengthen compliance mechanisms, increase occupational accident reporting, and promote awareness campaigns. In this webinar, our Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) experts will explore the power of a digital Incident Management solution to help your organization streamline incident reporting and investigation – engaging cross-functional teams in effectively recording incident details and taking critical actions – saving costs and resources associated with building a strong safety culture. You will learn how you can leverage digital technologies to
  • Improve your Incident Management program visibility, ensure compliance, and minimize workplace risk
  • Support your employees in describing incidents and concerns more fully and accurately with AI that assesses users’ descriptions as they are typed, with real-time feedback prompting users to expand descriptions that don’t meet company needs and standards
  • Identify trends, take corrective action, and share best practices across the enterprise to prevent future occurrences
  • Uncover hidden issues and trends across varying datasets including injury and illness cases, events with the power of Artificial Intelligence

Don’t miss this opportunity to adopt the power of digitalization and advanced technologies to take your incident management program to the next level and contribute to creating a safer future!

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